Sunday , August 14 2022

Health participates in the World Diabetes Day celebration.


Saturday (10) In the morning, a retired civil servant, Jose Luciano, walked the edge of João Pessoa and left the house. On the way, he found a tent in the Cabo Branco beach walkway, stopped testing his blood sugar, and was surprised by the results. The services offered there are in the middle of the street. Jose Luciano goes for treatment.

"I was surprised when I discovered that glucose was 339, very dangerous, and the normal reading was below 100. Next Monday I will take the necessary tests and seek out a doctor.

On Saturday, November 14, in commemoration of World Diabetes Day, this Saturday (10), Secretary of Health Paraíba (SES) participated in action in conjunction with Paraíba's Brazilian Endocrinology and Metrology Society. Sociedade Paraibana de Cardiologia, Paraíba and Unimed's Association of Paraíba and Unimed attended a date-implying ceremony. SES health professionals and technicians provided training materials on blood glucose testing, blood pressure testing and population distribution in tents set up on the beaches of Cabo Branco.

According to Maria da Luz, a medical endocrinologist and behavioral organizer, there is a prediction that the incidence and prevalence of diabetes in the future will rise sharply. "We have come to inform people about the risk of diabetes, the culprit, the first of which is the disease of silence, so it is common for people who do not recognize the disease to find it in their natural behavior. No, we have an expert who tells and warns people about treatment for chronic complications. "

According to Gerlane Carvalho's director of SES's disease and noncommunicable nukes, the Secretariat supports these behaviors and activities in an effort to prevent and promote health. "The moment SES is approaching the population to perform these services, people who run every day often do not have time to go to doctors or health facilities," he said.

Like José Luciano, a senior technician, Estéfanny Dhesirée, he did regular physical activity to check blood glucose levels. But the results were different. She confirmed what she expected and glucose was satisfactory. "I am always on the move, I returned to function training last week, and I take care of the food in the gym, some results are still unsatisfactory, but at least my blood sugar levels are very good," he said.

It is important for the activity of this Saturday morning to share visibility and information about the disease to Adriana Fernandes, president of Paraíba Diabetes Association. "What is killed and what is cut off is a lack of information, it is a lack of self-management. Our role is to talk and guide to show an example of our life, one of the strengths of the association."

Estimates – In Paraíba, an estimated 214,685 people have diabetes. This corresponds to 5.3% of the population (Source: DataSUS).


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