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GROM has two new ice cream for the whole day

They are available until June through June and should benefit as soon as possible. We talk about the new iissema's GROM, the beautiful gelatories that exist there on one side of Chiado.

This gelataria, in which we discussed ice cream at & # 39; the opening, is in & # 39; get up from time to new new creams according to the seasons or special occasions. Now, in & # 39; s time A whole day, two new fruit aromas emerge: Coco and Blueberry.

It's from the white pulp of the interior of & # 39; a coconut cake, rich in nutrients that helps to improve the functioning of the body, making GROM its curved coconut ice cream. After grinding the pulp into very finest pieces, the blend with fresh milk turns the whole and useful features of the fruit into action.

Available at GROM until the end of June

What is blueberry is the ideal fruit for a simple ice cream that expects a walk in a forest. The very dark purple color, the very fresh acids and the unique and intense aroma make this taste one of the highlights of this time.

These two new flavors are available up to and including June, the two ice cream are available in glass or coffee for a value between 3.5 € (small) and € 5.5 (great).

GROM is located in Rua Garrett, Lisbon, at 42, and works all day at 11am to midnight.

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