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Fernando wanted to win Stanisic, but now he asks for advice.


"Nightmare on the Kitchen": Fernando wanted to win Ljubomir but now he is looking for advice.

They insulted themselves and claimed to have stopped speaking. After all, they hugged each other. Alameda is the first success story of the season.

Fernando captured Alameda in March.

After 11 hours, Fernando Rosa is already confused, confused and nervous. Everything is delayed in the kitchen, and the service goes wrong. There are more complaints than usual. This is the day that the "Nightmare on the Kitchen" episode begins on Sunday, November 11th. TVI program recording was on October 8, the day that started at Alameda in Sines.

Now that you've seen this, let's rewind until Sunday night, October 7th. Employees have less than one maid who left the space a few days ago and dozens of people can have dinner at the same time in the dining room for the same dinner. The speed is fast, the order quantity is much higher than usual, and the black pork ends in the kitchen. Fernando knows that the next day Shain Iberia needs to replenish his stock to get production. He connects to a common supplier of Estremoz and combines there to collect orders at 6 o'clock. He leaves home in the morning and over 200 kilometers. Arrive at 3 in the morning and decide to sleep in the car. He starts at seven and wakes up to find that he has not made any requests. Call your friend to hear the answer and petrify.

"He thought I was joking and told me there was nothing waiting for me. I swore I would never buy anything from you again. [e cumpriu]"He explains to NiT, where he went to Grândola (another 160 kilometers) and went directly to the butcher he could trust. Desperately, he started searching Google for sites that could sell such meat. He found a Montaraz factory 70 km from Garvão. Almost at noon he returned to Sines and Alameda. The cheese he bought from Estremoz was a friend of Porto Côvo. The recording began five days ago and the stress accumulated by Fernando Rosa before the camera was connected led to the assertion that it was not what happened to him for 10 years and panic attacks.

Ljubomir Stanisic arrived on Tuesday 9th and began to joke. "Is this restaurant or a computer store?" He asked, referring to the documents on the right side of the door and a table full of computers.

Fernando was boiling. "He was right, I know that now, but people started laughing and I did not like it, he started enjoying himself," he tells NiT.

The owner of Alameda is 46 years old and has been a computer scientist for the last 12 years. He is a job he never gave up. "I have mainly been doing remote support, I have made about 100 covenants, so I have the material here."

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