Sunday , October 24 2021

Corticeira multada responds with tragedy


A (COC) announced that Fernando Cortiças SA has invested $ 31,000 in ACT, following a series of recent investigations regarding the status of Cristina Marques – that is, the fact that the Cortisiros do Norte (SOCN) operate Second, this is a religious esthetical, since the beginning of the "casting" with "traumatic impromptu", "humiliating" and "psychological torture" since the tribunal has overthrown and re-established ours.

Agora, o SOCN comunica: "Nes mesmo, a operária voltou ao seu habitual 'castigo' – carregar e descarregar os mesmos sacos de rolhas na mesma palete, durante nove horas – e, não satisfeita, a entidade patronal comunicou hoje à trabalhadora que And this is a suspicious suspicion for the organization of the disciplinary process in his descent with justification. "

For the sake of this, it is significant that, in the meantime, the "despair of extinction of the trajectory of the tragedy – the tribunal is unlucky – it is a matter of despair with justified discipline".

Contact us at Lusa, the administration of Fernando Couto removes the concerns about the situation for the advocate Nuno Caceres, who realizes that he is assumed to be responsible for the process, explains that suspension of operating visa permits "the conduct of an inquiry about the sheriff the factories that they have long been trying to propose publicly. "

There is no estimation of the right to conclude this disciplinary process but, as stated in the case of a "continuing transition to the case of suspension," the advocate admits that interest in the "conclusion of the case".

The expectations of Nuno Cáceres are "The demands of the mentions that the functioning has been disseminated and that prejudiced the tragedy and reputation of the emperor – that is, certainly, does not mean that the defender and the decree that is the time of admitting posture, which will allow you to reciprocate the cause of ACT. "

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