Tuesday , May 11 2021

Correio de Corumbá – Urologists warn of "recreational" use of impotence medicines

The press chain use erectile dysfunction projects reacts the sexual life of indigenous men and deserves self-esteem. Inappropriate use of these pills, bought in a pharmacy without a advertisement, can do bad health, warn urologists and other experts.

It was safe to feel that Willian, or he was previously called, began to use Viagra at age 26. "When I really failed." The share was poor. […] I was totally unexpected. "

Today he says at 39, he has already used several types of medicines in different doses. He says to improve self-esteem, usually raises the medication if he leaves with a new partner. Without modesty, Willian says that, so, the "spectacle".

According to the expert Paulo Aguiar, of the federal board of psychology, this type of behavior is "a great symptom of society". "This [o uso do viagra] Adults and feats of the subject are many, "he said.

Aguiar shows that the abuse of impaired treatment of clinical health provides people with psychological elimination and advised social norms that are not always positive in which male sexuality occurs.

Recreational use
Alex Sandro Baiense, of the federal council of Pharmacy, points out that Willian's case is generally more general. "There is a misuse of the use of this type of medication of people who have no clinical image, which justifies the use of this medication, is more in the field of recreational use, the performance system for a to impress. " He points out that the advice to pharmacists is that "every medicine has good indication."

"Medicines can be used without medication, just one to buy and buy the pharmacy." "Medicine does not work." "Medicines work when there is medical consultation, you need to have an orientation," advises urologist Carlos da Ros.

"We have a small universe of people who have absolute contraindications for using this type of medication, but there is a large universe of symptoms and signs that may occur with the use of ' medication, and if the patient is not warned, he is surprising with the side effects, "adds urologist Osei Akoamoa Jr.

Lucio Flavio Gonzaga Silva, a urological surgeon, also condemns unauthorized use and lack of medical consultation. "If you take it without a prior medical evaluation, you may be in one of these situations of control and you can come to a serious risk," he said. "We never recommend recreational use of these substances."

The anthropologist Rogerio Lopes Azize, professor of the Social Media Institute (UERJ), estimates that the unhealthy consumption of erectile disfunction drugs is a sign of 'time'. "We live in today's West in a society of achievements, where we see ourselves as a subject business, whose performance needs to be managed and improved. These crosses and builds our subjectivity, influences our relationship with drugs in general, legal and illegal terminals ".

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