Wednesday , June 16 2021

Carries may be overseeing the load code | Lisbon

Carris, a public transportation company managed by the City Council of Lisbon, can oversee compliance with highway regulations in the capital's jurisdictions.

This measure Amendment of company by-lawCity council officials will recognize it at a private meeting on Thursday.

Mobility and the proposal signed by the TreasurerMiguel Gaspar and João Paulo Saraiva, elected by the PS, as the project executor of the Lisbon public transport service, stated that they can carry out complementary activities or supplementary activities under the municipality of Lisbon with the approval of the municipality.

One of these activities is "Enforcement of Road Regulations on Roads Under Jurisdiction"He pointed to a document accessed by Luca on Wednesday.

This inspection enables "more efficient operation of concessions" in relation to "traffic conditions on lanes and roads reserved for scheduled passenger transport, reduced traffic congestion, increased commercial speed and regularity and efficiency of services". Reference.

According to this proposal, amendments to the Carris Act include the creation of a General Advisory Board, which has expressed its opinion on the company's strategic and multi-year plans, Or "the matter for which the board requires evaluation"

It consists of the board of directors of Carris, the municipality where the company provides transportation services, the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon, the Metropolitano de Lisboa, Transtejo, Soflusa and CP, and the representatives appointed by the workers' committee of the company. Includes the Secretary-General.

According to this document, no one will be paid.

Other points under audit

The municipality has ruled that "the decision to rent or lease the property belonging to the company is useful, as opposed to the current case, to be provided to each board."

At the Thursday meeting, the officers will consider providing the Médicos do Mundo association with approximately € 136,000 in financial support. "The Mundo Association supports the costs associated with the creation and maintenance of mobile units that will function as follows: Auxiliary Consumption Office. The municipality expects that this unit, which will be responsible for the eastern region of the capital, will be operational by the end of this year.

The proposal is signed by the Social Rights Commission, Manuel Grilo (BE), and provides support of approximately 61,000 euros to the treatment group, which is also the institution to be linked to the process.

Ancillary consumption rooms in Lisbon should be implemented by chambers by early 2019.

In addition to mobile units, two fixed units will also be in the area of ​​Avenida de Ceuta and Lumiar.

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