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Brazil has nearly 10,000 confirmed cases of mons, ministries


A new Ministry of Health requested on Friday (24) informs that the country has 9,898 cases of cold, and 9,477 are only registered in the Amazon.

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At present, the country has two outbreaks of cows: in Amazonas and in Roraima, with 347 cases. In total, 13 dead were determined as a result of the disease, four in Roraima, six in Amazonas and three in Pará.

According to the Ministry, the great difference between the number of affiliated cases being released, about 2 thousand, is meant by a last week in Manaus.

Of more than 7,000 cases under investigation, only nine cases were evaluated. The map tells us that the verification of new cases in recent weeks in Amazonas and Roraima reduced "less".

"In Amazon, this week affirms cases of cumulative notifications, mainly from months from July to August. In Roraima, the state is the highest concentration of cases occurring between February and April of this year. In both states, the curve of new cases is currently decreasing, "the ministry has been interrupted by note.

Other states also report directors, but are considered to be isolated as depicted in the Ministry, Amazonas or Roraima: São Paulo (3), Rio de Janeiro (19); Rio Grande do Sul (45); Rondônia (2), Pernambuco (4), Pará (26), Federal District (1) and Sergipe (4).

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The Ministry of Health has shown that the breakthroughs in Roraima and Amazon are associated with the importation of the Venezuelan virud, because the genotype of the violet (D8) that is in Brazil is the same as moving in the neighboring country, which has broken off since last year.

According to the Ministry, the land has the purpose of munitions and polio immigration campaign, which ends at # 39; the 14th, a minimum of 95% of target population, children aged 1 to 4 years have been added.

Vaccination coverage was 97.9% for polio and 97.7% for barley. More than 4,600 cities have reached the target. The Information Situation of the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI) states that 21.9 million teachers of vaccines are applied in the country, each 10.7 million. Fifteen states reached the goal for both vechs. Two others, São Paulo and Tocantins, were the index of polio immunization.

Although the first dosage of machine massage is 12 minutes in & # 39; Amazonas and Roraima, was given up to 6 months by the high rate of illness in small children.

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