Thursday , January 20 2022

Boca Juniors assigns the quest for titled Libertadores champion without playing – Internacional


The game is 17 hours in Argentina ceiling (20 in Lisbon) after the serious incidents on Saturday, but Boca Juniors examines all the possibilities and one is also without the title.
On Sunday night, after Sunday's meeting, Boca's president Daniel Angelici received a number of other leaders and asked to make this request, based on Article 8 of the Rule of Conmebol, # 39; t that clubs have to be so responsible for such incidents.

In 2015, Boca Juniors was discriminated against by Libertadores from an attack by pipers by their fans in La Bombonera. Now they show that the same thing can happen with what happened outside the Monumental.

The long-awaited River Boca by El Monumental, for plans for Saturday, promised a remarkable game. But what would a party become a different side to scare away football?

Several incidents before the superclassic deal with sex: Boca's was escorted by a large police contingent (20 bicycles), but at the stage at the stadium the car broke the car the car breaks down and injured . Even the driver was hit, causing one of the drivers to get the bus to the garage.

The worst thing was that the police, trying to spread the spread of people with piper spray, ultimately leading to the substance that the bus interrupted by broken glass, and leaving the black in an even worse state.

Upon arrival at the resort there are a couple of players, such as Wanchope Ábila, Cardona, Carlos Tévez and Almendra, while Pablo Perez has been blinded and has been transported to a hospital. Al Jara put an area short on the right leg.

Party in & # 39; bus from & # 39; The Boca Juniors soon went to panic

While outside the stadium there were conflicts between police and supporters – many in banks without a ticket or fake tickets – sought a solution in the problem. The presidents of Boca (Daniel Angelici), the River (Rodolfo D 'Onofrio), Conmebol (Alejandro Domínguez) and FIFA (Gianni Infantino) had met several hours, with the latest press on the performance of classic . "Boca players have overburdened hassles.

Shocking: The woman puts batons around the # 39; the children

Because of this situation, there is no reason for the upgrade of the game, "said Conmebol, but he was supposed to be replaced by today (8:00), probably without supporters in the bank by decision, although Conmebol and River are trying to reverse position.

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