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Autonomy of Samsung Galaxy J8 | Official test of the same TudoCelular


Samsung introduced new screen inputs of 18.5: 9 and the average price in 2018, as is the case with the Galaxy J8. The hardware can even be viewed internally, but the finish of the device, plastic, and the HD + screen indicates a cheaper option. Although the starting position was R $ 1,900.

The TodoCelular will run the battery test on the device to see how the 3,500 mAh battery is treated on a body that has the Snapdragon 450 chipset, 6 "18.5: 9 screen and HD + resolution with 720 x 1480 pixels in a displa Super AMOLED. If you do not know our simulation of real use, it is a standardized test, so done on all devices.

We have a list of applications that are popular with users and integrate most types of smartphone on a day-to-day basis. Everyone has a long time in each bicycle, and each bicycle is executed with an interval of at least half hours between one and the other. Here are the apps and user days:

After a day and half tests with the Galaxy J8, we have achieved the following results:

  • It takes 21 hours and 6 minutes to pull the battery of the device, which is in & # 39; the end of a & quot; eighteenth century.
  • The screen remained on 11 hours and 12 minutes.
  • During this period, connections were made 56 minutes.
  • We have 14 complete tests of tests and practically all of the 15th cycle, including:
    • 84 minutes of navigation in Chrome;
    • 420 minutes of WhatsApp, Spotify, PowerAmp, MX player and YouTube (84 minutes each);
    • 84 minutes of games (Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Unjustice, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8);
    • 84 minutes of Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps (28 minutes each);
    • 58 minutes of vote voting via 3G / 4G;
  • The app that was the most used was asphalt 8;
  • The worst-used app like WhatsApp;
  • The temperature was between 24 ° and 31 ° C.

The Galaxy J8 took an extra hour of testing, including an hour of screen more than the J6. The larger screen is offset by the extra 500mAh of battery. And changing the fact of HD + resolution is a positive factor in & # 39; The problem of autonomy – not to upgrade to Full HD + regret the user spread, perhaps an hour or two.

If you do not have a smartphone smartphone to run hard games or to do a more responsive tasks, the Galaxy J8 looks like a good option. That, of course, if you can pay about $ 1,200, the device costs $ 39 in & nbsp; a brosal online retailer. At least the battery does not let you.


Thank you for those who accompanied this long battery test that lasted longer than 21 hours. Hug and see the next time.


Background is published and we will launch the case with final results and conclusions. Wait two minutes and give an F5 to the site.





He hung on. It seems that all of the games have been delivered, in the third Galaxy J8 it could not take it anymore and everything was deleted.


And we go after the last bike, loaded with 7%.


Almost more than 10 hours and a half screen and 14 full cycles. And maybe it is still enough for another.


We start the 14th cycle, with the battery at 14%.


We have finished 13 cycles and the battery is 15%.



Battery holds 22% and we found the 13th cycle.


It is almost 17 hours of testing, with more than 9 hours of screen.


And after 12 full cycles we have 22% battery on the Galaxy J8 here.



Let's go to the 12th cycle. There was no change in battery in this half hour of & nbsp; e rest.


Shortly before the end of the eleventh hospital, the battery was 30%. In some seconds, the GSAM was aimed at 28%, while the system dropped 29%.



And we are back to the test, with the eleventh hospital. The charge will remain at 36%.


Good morning. Soon we will continue with the battery test of Galaxy J8, which has been reduced yesterday with 36% load after 10 full cycles.

11/21/2018 – 21.44

Let the rest of tomorrow test. Galaxy J8 was closed with 36% service.

11/21/2018 – 21.16

Tenth cycle closed. And the battery is now loading 36%.

11/21/2018 – 20:21

We start the tenth bike with the battery at 42%.

11/21/2018 – 19:51

And the ninth bicycle ends with 43%.

11/21/2018 – 18.55

The ninth bicycle started, and the battery decreased by 49%.

11/21/2018 – 18.23

And the eighth bike ends well in the middle of our test, with almost six hours of screen.

11/21/2018 – 17.28

Eight bike started with the battery still at 56%.

11/21/2018 – 16:56

Seven bike is looking at 56% battery.

11/21/2018 – 4:00 o'clock

The seventh bike starts with the battery at 63%.

11/21/2018 – 15.26

The hospital closed and the battery was 63%.

11/21/2018 – 14.31

Seven bike started, with the last now at 70%

11/21/2018 – 13:59

And loading the fifth cycle to 71%.

11/21/2018 – 13.02

We go for the fifth cycle of use in the Galaxy J8, still running in the first fourth of # 39; e 3,500mAh Load, with 77%.

11/21/2018 – 12.33

11/21/2018 – 12.32

Fourth cycle is closed and we still charge 77%. We have already reached 3 hours of the screen at almost five and a half hours of testing.

11/21/2018 – 11.36

And we go to the fourth bike. The pilot of Galaxy J8 is 83%.

11/21/2018 – 10:57

11/21/2018 – 10:56

Third cycle is loaded with 83%.

11/21/2018 – 10.01

And we will start the third bike, still loading the same 89%.

11/21/2018 – 09.31

The second bike is closed with 90% load, but shortly after creating the screen, it dropped to 89%.

11/21/2018 – 09.31

11/21/2018 – 08.34

The second bike still starts with the battery at 95%.

11/21/2018 – 08.05

11/21/2018 – 08.05

And it looks like we have to have a really long time here. Battery at 95% after the first cycle.

11/21/2018 – 07.08

The Battery Test of Galaxy J8 is started.

11/21/2018 – 06:56

Below you can see which table is the light bar for the test patch, which is 200 liters in white image.

11/21/2018 – 06:51

11/21/2018 – 06.46

Good morning. Today we will see how Galaxy J8 comes out in our real simulation. The J6, smaller model and 500 mAh less load, lasted 20 hours.

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