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Aprovado novo escalão do AIMI para património de tensi milliões

NThe fundamentals of the issue, of the 2013 edition of the PCP, have been addressed to the AIMI, including the voting rights in the context of the vote against the PSD and the CDS-PP and the votes favor the restored bancadas parlamentares.

The proposition of BE determines that, in value, superior value over the millions of euros, or the value of the value as a result of passive casks or in the case of the fact that the tax exemption of the AIMI, "applied to the margin of 1 tax , 5%.

The value of the value added is between the millions and the millions of euros applied to the margin of 1%, while the passport has its own singular, the acord with the BE initials.

"The value of the past few days in the colossal pests of the world of social capital, the social organs of social or administrative governance, management, management or fiscalization or the responsibilities of the contexts, ascendents and descendants, the facts about the tax 0.7%, the sole margin of 1% for a parcel of value equivalent to one-third millions of euros, and a 1.5% margin of tax for an average of EUR millions, "second and a half dos bloquistas.

As a result, the PCP announces "refinancing and development of the AIMI, calling for a new level of empowerment of the superior value imbalance in euros, with a 1.5% tax rate," indicating that, for valuation Inferiority and price milestones of the euro, mentions them as numbers and taxpayers at the moment.

Or proclaiming the OE2019, the Government has introduced alterations to the AIMI regroup this year.

No sbbado, official fon of BE explicitly announces Lusa that the part of the mudanas on its propagation of internal alteration has made it possible for the viability of the AIMI tax burden for 1.5% – and no 2% Initial – is the case of the patrimony of the aggregate superior and the millions of euros. "

The viability of the bluquist's initial results results from PS, BE and PCP.

About AIMI, the parliamentary committee, the federal government, PPP proposals and the CDS-PP for its revocation.

Relativity in IMI, proprietary PCPs and IT funds to reduce tax rates of 0.45% to 0.4%, to apply to the prevailing urban environment, with voting against PS and PSD.

The Communist Proposition for the IMI Tax Rate Reduction is debuted with the benefits of PCP and CDS-PP, the BE removal and the PS and PSD.

There is the inviolability of the blocs that defend the PCP, the change in the value of the IMI, with the rate of 0.45% for 0.4%, and the applet will be "preceded by the urban pre-destination habits and the permanent coincident with the homeowners' tax, "said Reeva with the votes in favor of BE and PCP, the CDS-PP removal and the PS against PS and the PSD.

Looking back on IMI, CDS-PP proposes a change in terms of compromise on compromised pretensions, which is geared to the vote in favor of the PSD and the CDS-PP and the vote against the rest of the parliamentary bonds.

No Fiscal State, the Centers for the Initial Initiative for the IMI IMI for Urban Prevention for Habituation and Predominant Situations in the Interior of the State, this is the first three years of the preceding year for these years, rejected with the vote for CDS-PP, and the abolition of PSD and the vote against the rest of the parliamentary elections.

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