Saturday , January 22 2022

Apple has removed the application from the App Store to create a WhatsApp sticker.


One of the major Internet messaging services, WhatsApp One of the latest news was stickers. This is a new way for users to express themselves and express themselves.

In addition to basic stickers, WhatsApp has created a new sticker to extend this service. Now, for obvious reasons, the apps allowed in the Apple App Store have been removed from the App Store.

WhatsApp sticker Apple App Store app

When he announced a new sticker, WhatsApp opened it to developers who could create applications to create new collections based on user images.

Applications for Android and iOS were used to create new stickers simply and quickly, adhering to the rules defined by WhatsApp.

However, now that something has gone wrong, Apple justified the expulsion by removing the application from the application store and breaking the defined rules for publishing the application in the App Store.

According to Apple, the problem lies in three basic rules for the App Store. The first is the number of apps to do the same thing, the second is the WhatsApp installation requirement, the one that Apple decisively forbids, and the third with a similar UI through the common SDK.

WhatsApp sticker Apple App Store app

Apple tends to very carefully evaluate apps submitted to the App Store. An app submitted to the App Store responds immediately whenever it detects a violation of a rule. For Android, and according to our rules, these apps must remain in the Play Store.

Until now, neither Apple nor Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, has talked about this issue, and it depends on other programmers and needs to be addressed without intervention.

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