Thursday , June 1 2023

Actress Susana Vieira has been fighting cancer for three years.


This news surprised everyone. Brazilian actress Susana Vieira (age 76) has been fighting leukemia for about three years.

This revelation took place in the Brazilian program "Domingão do Faustão", which was recorded on Saturday 10th this week but has not yet been broadcast.

The actress said she started the treatment but did not lose her hair.

This information was provided by commentator Léo Dias and confirmed by the Brazilian actress advisor on Monday, November 12.

"Information is accurate, but it's not a recent thing, it's already time, and it's under full control," she said, always following a personal and professional agenda because there's no limit to anything, "said Susana Vieira. Quoted by the Brazilian media.

According to the representative, the disease is controlled, and the actress "normally performs her personal and professional life without limitation."

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