Monday , August 8 2022

Actress Anna Carvalho trades Los Angeles in Los Angeles (Austin) for independent production


"I think Austin is closer than Lisbon." Actresses and directors who represent Shakespeare in the city of Texas, rich in theatrical and indie works, have lived in the United States for three years and are preparing stars in the drama Felix Moore .

Anna Carvalho has 22 years of experience and this year she will go to ACERT, Inestética, Mandrágora, Reflexo or Commune, Sugar and Dancin & # 39; There are series such as Days of Strawberry, Alves dos Reis, Super Pai and account adjustment.

She studied drama in Lisbon and London, completed her performing arts in theater and film school, received her audiovisual degree, and has lectures and workshops with experts such as Margie News, Tracey Rooney, Adam Lieblein and Barbara. Bragg, Bob Goodman and Paul Madden, Teresa Villaverde, Vera Mantero and Carlos Pessoa.

He left the United States three years ago and settled in Los Angeles, whose name appeared in the same series as the subway and corruption. It is now in Austin, Texas. This is mainly due to independent production.

The city, like Atlanta, has attracted film and TV productions in recent years, including AMC's "Fear and Walk" and HBO's "Leftovers."

One of the advantages of this region is the large terrain where natural resources are diversified and recorded.

Anna Carvalho emphasized to Luca that "there is not much competition" as in Los Angeles, which is "full of actors" which means "not always" quality of supply.

"Los Angeles has a bigger sense of pride," said Lusa, "the industry is very competitive" in California, and Austin thought that "there is more harmony" with many actors with academic backgrounds.

"The sense of community is different, people are more organized and have great expertise," he said.

Among the projects involving Anna Carvalho, we recorded a mini-series dedicated to regional wines, Dandy Rosé, inspired by Portuguese vineyards.

Sommelier Rae Wilson said "I like the Régua area," the actress said. "I decided to make rose wine in Austin." This work will be released later this month.

By this weekend, the Portuguese actress was on stage at Ramsey Park, and the theater company Something For Nothing performed Shakespeare's "Macbeth" play.

There are also two post-production projects: a French short film "Stiltsville Sisters" filmed in Miami and a pilot episode of Erik Bernard's science fiction series "Red Runners".

Portugal's first short film "Death is a Place on Earth" was presented at LIFFT India Filmotsav in Lonavla in December for two international festivals.

His second film, "Red Roses Never Die," directed by Anna Carvalho, is in post production.

In 2019, he began recording the play of Felix Moore in San Antonio near Austin, and Anna Carvalho will be the main character.

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