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Your face is familiar 10/11/2018 sounds. When is the finale? Emission smoke. What's up?


Your face sounds familiar.
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Your face sounds familiar.

Your face becomes familiar – The last, last episode of the tenth series has been postponed! What's the reason? When will the TTBZ finale be finished?

Your face is familiar 10/11/2018 sounds. When is the finale? The issue of the last episode of the 10th edition of this program has been postponed! This information will surely end up many TTBZ fans. When can you see it? The finale sounds like a familiar face. and Why is there no episode 10.11?? Make sure you know about changing face problems we know.

Your face sounds familiar with a 10-free online price. Where to see the TTBZ 2018?

Your face is familiar 10/11/2018 sounds. Why is there no episode?

This message will probably make many fans of the Polsat hit sad. Unfortunately, on Saturday, November 10, the face seems familiar. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of independence, many TV stations are changing programs this weekend. This is also true of Polsat. At 10:45 on November 10, the station will broadcast an independent concert for Independence Day. In addition, on Sunday, November 11, when the TTBZ is repeated, Polsat will feature a special stage for all performances of all versions.

If you know your face sound season 10 – When is the last time?

But there is no reason to worry. The program finale will be broadcast a week later, November 17, at 22:15 on Saturday.

Your face is familiar – every episode is heard.

Do you miss your face episode? Do you want to see the play? You can find the first episode of TTBZ 10. Click on the graphic and watch for free!

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