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Wisła Płock – Sosnowiec Results and Relations – First League


Płocczanie is on the wave. Although Zagłębie closes the table, the last three lines can also be considered successful. They played well against Wisla Krakow and Miedzia Legnica and had a good time in defeat against Jagiellonia Bialystok.

The start of the meeting was the most interesting. There was no action in the first quarter that could result in the release of the results. In five minutes Vamara Sanogo strikes Thomas Dahne straight.

A good shot from the home team was advertised in the 16th minute. Nico Varela who went to Dawid Kudela.

The fans had to wait until 31.30 minutes for the goal. Damian Szymanski handed the ball to Varela in half, and he extended to Ricardinho who passed Kudła for the first time.

Szymon Pawłowski scored a free kick in the 44th minute and Thomas Daehne scored a low too low.

The controversial situation has already occurred at the time the game was added. Ricardo Genei is back in action. Kudla hit the head and shot. The ball fell into his hand. Płocczanie called for a VAR, but the referee used this opportunity, but decided that everything went well and the goalkeeper was not punished.

After taking a break, the hosts started acting on the right. Damian Szymański scored the ball in the 11th minute but Kudła did a great job and he succeeded in a corner kick. Wisła began to dominate the grass and attacked with the ball away from the opponent. The response was now 54 minutes into the game, and the ball ended up with Sanogo's shot hung out. I almost did not get Daehne. A few minutes later, after Pawłowski's corner kick, Vokic attacked the center of Daehne's goal line.

At the end of the match, the players attacked one goal and then attacked the other goal and almost all the action ended with the goal keeper winning. 75 minutes later. Daehne made a fatal mistake. He went out of his way to help his friend get confused. Wisła's defender confirmed that the football did not hit the net, even though the opponent tried to use it with a blank goal without breaking the ball.

92 minutes later. Szymanski's Kudula's counterattacks were lethal to the edge, but Karol Angielski got a hand out and tipped the ball over the bar. The moment the goalkeeper intervened, Carlos de Oliveira, who ran towards the ball, sat on the elbow of Mateusz Cichocki. A judge who did not renew his contract showed at 11 meters and Dominik Furman missed the penalty.

Wisła Płock – Sosnowiec Council 2: 0 (1: 0)

goal1: 0 Ricardinho (age 31), 2: 0 Dominic Farman (90 + 3 penalty).

Warning – Wisła Płock: Alan Uryga. Zagłębie Sosnowiec: Mateusz Cichocki, Adam Banasiak, Dejan Vokic.

judgeDominik Sulikowski (Gdansk). Number of viewers: 55,505

Wisła Płock: Thomas Daehne – David Szymański, Dominique Furman, Giorgi Merebaszwili (English 86) – Ricardinho (83. Carlos de Oliveira) – César Stephanie Zeke, Allan We, Er Łasicki, Marcin Warcholak – Nico Varela, Damian Rasak (74. Bartłomiej Sielewski).

Sosnowiec: Dawid Kudła – Michael Heinloth, Arkadiusz Jędrych, Mateusz Cichocki, Zarko Udovicic – Konrad Wrzesiński, Adam Banasiak, Szymon Pawłowski, Dejan Vokic (70 Patrick Mraz), Alexandre Cristovao – Vamara Sanogo.

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