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An employment contract is the primary document that regulates the relationship between an employer and an employee.

Indefinite contract

Long-term contracts are indefinitely binding on both sides. It is distinguished from other contracts through strong protection against dismissal, in particular because the employer must justify the reason for notifying the employee.

However, if you notice the longest notice period, the definitive contract of indefinite, even after you change the rule on February 22, 2016, will depend on the length of employment with the employer and the effect is as follows.

  • Two weeks if an employee is employed for less than six months;
  • 1 month if an employee is employed for at least six months;
  • 3 months if employees are employed for at least 3 years.

When the termination period starts and ends with a fixed term contract and an unlimited contract, you can read here >>.

Term contract

Term workers received greater protection against dismissal.

Also, for fixed-term contracts, Rules "3 and 33". This means that only one employee is available to the employer. 3 indefinite contracts (It does not matter if there is a gap or length between them). Also The maximum period of employment for an employer is 33 months. (One contract and several contracts are possible), the test period is not added, so it takes 36 months in total. in this case
Certain periods of time beyond
It will be automatically converted into a contract indefinitely. November, timely participating conditions >> will again expire.

Labor law has also disappeared two years ago. Contract for a specific job term, a Alternative contract Fixed-term employment is considered a subtype of the contract.

Trial period contract

An infinite and definite period of employment contract may precede the contract during the trial period, but it is not necessary.

The trial period can not exceed 3 months,
There is no minimum period specified in the regulations.
Make a test contract. However, the Code prohibits renewal of the following contracts:
One employee with the same employer.

During the evaluation period, the contract ends at the end of the period.
Unless previously terminated,
Termination without notice or termination by agreement
Page. The notice period depends on the time left.
I concluded. is :

  • Three working days if the trial period does not exceed two weeks.
  • 1 week if the trial period is more than 2 weeks;
  • 2 weeks if the test period is 3 months;

Trial contracts do not apply to employment relationships.
Cooperative employment contracts, appointments, recruitment or
Appointment. In addition,
Youth employment contract and employment contract

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