Tuesday , May 11 2021

This is how much cash employees will earn in 2021. How much will they pay in Biedronka and Lidl? [4.05.2021]

Cashiers ‘money 2021. Cashiers’ money in discount stores is becoming more and more attractive. How much do cashiers in the most popular shops in Poland earn? We checked. See the rates of cashiers in Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland and other stores.

From March 2021, employees of Lidl stores will earn from 3,550 PLN gross to 4,350 PLN gross at the beginning of employment. Persons who have the position of a cashier-seller in Biedronka get from 3.2 thousand to 3.6 thousand PLN gross per month, Applicable rewards are included in this amount.

In Kaufland, from March 2021, the monthly fee for the position of a cashier-seller depends on the length of the service and location to 4.1 thous. PLN gross (about PLN 2 thousand 980 net).

Cashier Revenue 2021 – See current rates in popular stores

In the gallery below, detailed rates for individual grandstands and shops.

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