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These are what trucks and buses deserve. We have the latest data from & # 39; s region & # 39; s [15 maja 2019 r.]

From 5 to 8.5 thousand zlotys can find a truck tour in a Polish company. How can it be if it is used for the lowest national, which is PLN 2,250 in 2019? Check how many tests earned in Poland.

How many gamblers earn? Many components of compensation

A truck's salaries consist of many other elements that are out of specific practice. What is worth keeping in mind, the choice of & # 39; behind the right & # 39; to choose and what the future can be, experts from the National Center for Driver Settlement.

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– The analysis of managers' job opportunities in & # 39; Polish transport companies show that young people who work in this position come every year – says Bartłomiej Zgudziak, an OCRK expert. – Four-year-olds are still the largest percentage, but there are still more employees in the age of 20-29. They are young students who hit the first mile, mostly in the country, in a double cast. They only get the secrets of daily work. However, it is worthwhile at the beginning of this point to know their rights and capabilities about the system of work and pay.

According to some technical estimates, as many as 100,000 executives can feel new in Poland. And in the next seven years, this value may increase by another 200,000. At present, entrepreneurs are finding younger people with financing or financing to get the right at all for bikes with a weight of more than 3.5 tons. Earnings are also known because the unexpected manager of international routes usually consists of a low base, but high fees for business expenses.

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<a class = "componentsArticleGallery__mainImgLink" href = "https://pomorska.pl/tyle-zarabiaja-kierowcy-w-polsce-i-regionie-niektore-stawki-moga-zaskakiwac/ga/c3-14091207/zd/35475841" title = "Did you know how many tests in Poland and the region earned? See the data collected on the basis of a Nationwide Salary Survey led by Sedlak & Sedlak.

The rates are at & nbsp; the following peoples —>"rel =" noopener "data-event-position =" mainImgLink "aria-label =" View gallery "> <img class =" componentsArticleGallery "/k/r/1/ab/8e/5cc815624cd2d_o_full.jpg" alt = "Due how many tests earn in Poland and in the region See the data collected by Sedlak & Sedlak based on the Nationwide Compensation Study.

The rates are at & nbsp; the following peoples —>"/>

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Magazines in Poland and the region earn so much. Some rates …

The total months of months in Poland are mostly 2,500 PLNTherefore, the amount will be as low as a PLN 1,800 project. For this, you need to add capabilities to domestic or foreign business trips. The first cyclist has the right to a PLN 30 cash deposit and a PLN 45 overnight sledge agency night. In total, the young driver can earn PLN 1485 for the title of an international trip; just included over PLN 3,200 net.

How much do the truckers do abroad.

In international transport the employer can choose the preparation of foreign deaconsj. The minimum amount for a night in such a trip is PLN 30, and the maximum is specified in the annex for business travel arrangements.

In Germany, for example, the maximum daily money is 49 euros, in France 50 euros. Stay remuneration compensation is also important, and this is usually in the form of a blow office & # 39; pay a night. According to German rates, it will be equivalent to 37.5 euros, in France as much as 45.

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– Younger generation of executives want to earn as much as possible in the shortest time – comment Bartłomiej Zgudziak. – Entrepreneur, who pays periodic deaf and clumsy money, earns his employees decent business travel. These capabilities are free of tax and ZUS contributions to the limits specified in & # 39; The scheme of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 2013. Such an earning instructor, therefore a low tax and pre-paid part, and a high stock of hands per hand, is the most desirable of young people.

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