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The National Book Prize is not Olga Tokkulujuk.

The National Book Award, awarded to the best books published in the United States, is considered one of the most important literary divisions. Olga Tokarczuk Olga Tokarczuk's "Pole" was the translation of Jennifer Croft and won the last five awards in the new category, which was given to translation. I went to Yawo Tawada with a book called "The Emissary" in a translation by Margaret Misutani.

Tokarczuk and Croft have been nominated for an entirely new category of translated books that draw attention to the translation of books by authors and translators of novels and nonfiction writers. At this ceremony, representatives of the National Book Foundation emphasized the importance of reading the world's writers these days, as the United States under Trump's leadership is closed on the other side.

National Book Awards

The 69th edition of the National Book Awards was held this year. The awards were divided into four categories: fiction, nonfiction, poetry and youth literature. In the field of literature, there were 546 books in nonfiction, 256 books in manga, 325 books in youth, and 142 books in competition literature.

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The National Book Awards is a prestigious literary award established in 1936. For the first time this year, the basic categories of "City", "Nonfiction", "Fiction" and "Juvenile Literature" include "Best Translation English". "Poland" will face other countries. "Disoriental", Italian "Psikus" or "Love" in Norway. The Chairman of the National Book Award Foundation justified the decision to introduce a new award that would need to open an American recipient to foreign literature. Some writers outside the United States have received the favor of the reader.

Olga Tokarczuk's "Pole"

The title of the book "Bieguni" was the name of the Russian sect of the 18th century, believing that the world was the work of Satan, and when we stopped, Satan was the best approach to us. You always have to move to get out of the devil. Tokarczuk says she met a contemporary, a survivor of this sect who is constantly traveling on the subway across Moscow.

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The author describes the world of modern Poland, a permanent traveler with products such as small package cosmetics, folded toothbrushes, disposable slippers, diseases related to time changes, and their language: simple and functional English. There is also a separate field of psychology that describes travel psychology.

The English version of this book was awarded this year by the Man Booker International Award and the translation award found by the translator.

National Book Awards – Winner

Belles-lettres: Sigrid Nunez, "Friend"

Nonfiction: Jeffrey C. Stewart, "The New Black: The Life of Alain Locke"

City: Justin Phillip Reed, "obscenity"

Youth literature: Elizabeth Acevedo, "The Poet X"

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