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The Buro for personal data protection includes half year with the GDPR


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Piotr Urbaniak

On November 25, the whole year will be the initiative to protect the general rules on personal data protection, the RODO has been introduced. At this opportunity, the Personal Data Protection Bureau (UODO), or the responsible entity, decided to mention the earlier assessments.

When we read in the open letter, the president of UODO, Mrs. Dr. Edyty Bielak-Jomaa, RODO has a very positive impact on our daily life and the way businesses enter businesses. The office finds that, afraid of punishments, entrepreneurs begin to conquer their safety. Although at the first time it led to a small confusion, the RODO eventually was the tide for the increase in data protection standards.

– Many entities thanks to the RODO realized that it should learn to make the personal data of their clients or their own care. (…) The attitude of attitude and behavior of people is also undermined. Poles are increasingly aware and hunger for knowledge about the protection of personal data. (…) They ask for stop processing of data for marketing – writes the president.

At the same time, the positive – according to UODO – replaces the effects of the system:

  • Increased significance of personal data protection and privacy,
  • analysis and organization of processes that are related to the processing of personal data by businesses and institutions – including database authentication, removing unnecessary and outdated data, training of staff,
  • Rapid response to lower requests and requests,
  • the reform of informational lenses, their simplification and increasing use of language to the recipient,
  • inform people about the trespass of protecting their personal data, allowing them to quickly take effective measures to protect them. a negative negative impact of losing,
  • The protection of data protection (IOD) professionals in the field of data protection – even by businesses that are not required, which means that activities related to the processing of personal data accompanied by a specialist, the level of data protection increases, and customers receive a contact point and help resolve problems that use their personal data by a specific entity ,
  • A change in practice that is being used by global players, begins to count on the standards that are in the & # 39; t in & # 39; and GDPR.

The office, however, is clear that there is still a lot of work, in a way to develop optimal procedures and solutions. In opinion, it is still necessary to strengthen knowledge of the regulations, in greater use of their flexibility, to improve the risk assessment, and ultimately protect better children. Perhaps one of the constant problems is the low awareness of & # 39; A negative aspects of computing.

Based on future complaints and questions, two guides are made to improve the further use of GDP, administrators and individuals.

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