Saturday , September 18 2021

Szokuj ± ce o¶wiadczenie pi³karzy ws. Petera Hyballi. “Gro¼by, drwiny, bodyshaming” Pi³ka no ¿na

Wisła Kraków seems to be slowly returning to the right track. Recently, there has been a major overhaul of the team, but also of the sports division. A lot of players left, a few interesting ones appeared, but most of the time the sporting director – Tomasz Pasieczny, a former Arsenal scout – was hired. Most of all, however, a new coach was hired – Adrian Gula, who is known for his very good work at MSK Zilina. Thus, the Krakow club finally closes the infamous chapter with Peter Hyballa as coach.

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What is the financial situation of Wisła Kraków? “It’s a normal part of life in football”

Serious allegations against Peter Hyballa. “Blatant plague”

Peter Hyballa left Wisła Krakow in May in an atmosphere of scandal. The German coach was in conflict with everyone, including co-owner and player of the club – Jakub Błaszczykowski. The players complained about the methods of work of the coach that he was aggressive and would attack everyone around. The situation with the club legend Kazimierz Kmiecik, who wanted to throw the German out of his training staff, throws out the cup of bitterness.

Mysterious words of Lukas Podolski.  What comes next?  'I can promise nothing'Mysterious words of Lukas Podolski. What comes next? “I can promise nothing”

However, Hyballa is no longer in Krakow, but has even found a new job immediately. The German was hired by the Danish Esbjerg fB, but his training methods do not seem to have changed. Several days after he took office, several reports appeared about his aggressive behavior towards footballers. However, the coach himself has downplayed all the reports. Now, however, it may be harder for him to do so, as the players seem to be turning their backs on him. The players released a joint statement in which they made shocking accusations against Hyballi.

Fatal Information for Jagiellonia!  The key player will not play for six monthsFatal Information for Jagiellonia! The key player will not play for six months

– We have experienced daily threats of dismissal, ridicule, sexist and degrading remarks and what we consider to be direct intimidation that goes far beyond the already broad framework of the football world. According to media reports, the coaching staff took nude photos of us, the players, presumably to “measure” our fitness – we read in the statement. – Because of the fear of reprisals, we list these incidents without names. However, we must point out that they concern players with contracts, and one or more of them can prove this. One of the players was repeatedly subjected to the so-called bodyshaming. He was called fat several times, and the coach grabbed the player several times by the stomach and chest during training to emphasize his dissatisfaction with the player’s body – the players added.

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