Friday , January 27 2023

Single-day sales or $ 30 billion in sales – Business


$ 30 billion: The number of consumers who spend for 24 hours is the amount purchased by Alibaba, the largest online sales platform, especially in China. November 11, due to the date of 4 singles, is considered a single day. Recently, it has become an opportunity to promote online sales.

On November 11, the online store owner offers a substantial discount to consumers, and anyone who makes a purchase in the first minute of the promotion can use the product for free.

So we made $ 10 billion worth of purchases in the first 60 minutes.

I wonder what the future will be like. We have exceeded 200 billion yuan, 300, 500, 1 trillion. President Daniel Zhang did not hide his optimism.

Sales growth fell to 27% from 39 last year, despite other records breaking this year. The company also lowered its overall sales forecasts affected by the Midwest Customs War this year.

American pop star Mariah Carey performed while actual sales were observed at the official gala performance in Shanghai.

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