Saturday , February 4 2023

Sikorski wrote about the "police bitch coming to Warsaw". The police responded.


Sikorsky said Saturday afternoon, "At the A2, police escorted to Warsaw." The game "I thought, but perhaps with the power, a celebration celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence will be strengthened.

Former foreign minister's entry was responded to by Polish police officers who hate the word "bitch" used by Sikorski in connection with police patrol cars.

"Mr. Marshall, we want to let you know that it is not a bitch but a policeman and a police car every year, and they are sure to be safe every day, and 94% of people live in a country where they feel safe. "

On Sunday morning Sikorski confirmed in the next post that he was not willing to criticize the police. He pointed out, however, that the car he saw was not a police car.

"I do not want to criticize Polish police, but the authorities have caused uncertainty about the peaceful course of the march today," he said.

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