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Shock and unbelief! Doda affirmed on Facebook: "Yes, I have a bad bug"!


Shock and unbelief! Doda affects on Facebook:

Starting point Dorota Rabczewska in the program bar In 2002, the face of Polish media changed forever, never before on TV they were adults, with bad taste and people who were angry with their faces. That's it Doda It paved the way for dozens of friends, the rapper realized that such a way to promote itself was the simple way to become a career.

At the peak of population were Rabczewska's identifying marks Oxygenated here, long nails, infantile laughter and enormous breasts. The latter were first, the small, modest in size. This is also true of Rabcewewska's photos from & # 39; s; dance today bar. The breakthrough acknowledged knowing Radek Majdan, This implies a breast augmentation funded for Dorota. Officially, however, Doda said that the bust "He grew up massaging Helsia's masses."

Since then the singer has been breathing there. They also appeared in several unmatched sessions. Years have all linked Rabczewska m.in. just with her whole, artificial breasts.

Unnecessarily, Doda's breasts began to differ in recent photos & # 39; see. Internet users see that They are clearly smaller, and so the figure of Rabczewska gives the impression of the finer. There was a discussion about Instagram – some thought that Dorota lowered the bust, others saw that it was impossible. At one, Rabczewska himself was ultimately doubtful.

Dorothy's Facebook profile has photos of & # 39; s; The Women's Brand of Year, and the description gave them a real storm.

Personality of 2018. Yes, I have smaller breasts – She wrote a message.

Fans asked what happened. In response, Rabczewska stated that They got off from monastic plans, because they were "rescued". Internet users think this is a good decision to fit caretaker bridges long.

"Change walls and preferences. Large baloons are lumps and cheese ""Good, beautiful, you can do a job, but why baloons go away," "Change to plus" – they wrote.

Some also started looking for a second bottom and sister that … Dorothy expects a child.

Are you pregnant Do you want to breastfeed? – They asked, but the question remained unanswered.

Do you want Doda in version with smaller implants?

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