Wednesday , January 26 2022

Secretary Blaszczak met the head of the Pentagon James Mattis


Our proposal for permanent deployment of Polish troops to the Polish Ministry of Defense is well received by the US Department of Defense. US Defense Secretary Marty Błaszczak is on the move after meeting with the director of the Pentagon, Matt Matthew James Mattis.

Błaszczak: I will try to make a positive recommendation on Port-Trump.

The construction of a USFK base in Poland, called the working party of Fort Trump, will be the main theme of Tuesday's conversation with Marius Blaschick and Defense Secretary.

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Minister Blaszczak said at a meeting with Mattis that he had heard specific proposals to refer to Poland's permanent US-based Polish project. – We will go ahead on this issue after hearing the first assessment of the Pentagon. But he must emphasize that we are on the move, and he suddenly says nothing will happen.

The Secretary of Defense emphasized that this is the second meeting in the matter, so I discussed the details first. – Our meeting today was a conversation about the details within the working group. We explained that we have an additional negotiating commitment to the US base in Poland. – Poland's permanent base, the presence of US troops in the east, cooperation within NATO is a major deterrent to invaders – he admitted.

Good atmosphere

He added that the dialogue with US partners is "good." – Our common goal is security – security in Poland and US security around the world – because Poland operates on a larger scale than the US – he said.

Blaszek's second meeting with the US chief delegate and his fifth visit in Washington have been in charge of ministry.

Before the Pentagon talks on Tuesday, Blair Chich met Arizona Republican Senator Arizona Jon Kylem, who was elected to Senator John McCain this summer.

The US Secretary of Defense announced that before the talks with Defense Secretary Mattis, the main negotiating topic at the Ministry of Defense would be the issue of the permanent presence of US troops stationed in Poland and the purchase of US military equipment in Poland.

Błaszczak expanded his presence in our country two weeks ago, and in John W. John Bolton for National Security, along with John Donald Trump, an advisor in Washington.

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