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Samsung Galaxy G how …? The new smartphone series of this manufacturer is very intriguing


We expect that next year in the supply of Samsung will be a lot of changes, but it turns out to be more of them than we thought. The portfolio will be another new series of Galaxy G, which is very intriguing.

For a long time we have known that Samsung loses Galaxy J, Galaxy C and Galaxy On-row. You know all the first one good, the other was for the Chinese market and the third for the Indian market. At the same time we learned that Galaxy P and Galaxy R get their place. About half of us, we heard that the Galaxy F family will come to the portfolio, which will usually be enough smartphones.

The series Galaxy M also appeared on the horizon and it is easy that it will be the first to make their debut on & # 39; the brand. In the network, smartphones with code codes SM-M205F and SM-M305F indicate. Hence, the former itself has disclosed a lot of information about its specification, which suggests that its premature immortal.

Galaxy M20 tells a change in Samsung smartphones – screen will have new proportions

However, it remains that Samsung has a different line of smartphones, Galaxy G. The letters in the names of certain series usually do not have any indication of the properties of & nbsp; the family – with the exception of Galaxy F, these foldable devices (F or Foldable or Flexible). If you follow this path, the Galaxy G-note can be used to give the player's instructions (G as a gaming).

Yet there is still one more theory. Probably not many people think of the Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2018. If Samsung did not include the release of this model, it may be in the galaxy-g series set up to break this hope without ever having to break . It's hard to clear this smartphone, to get it on one hand 16 Mpix headphones, USB-C and iris scanners (although smaller than in the market), and on the other 5.5-inch screen with 16: 9 aspect ratio and resolution of 960 × 540 pixels.

The budget of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus 2018 can be shipped with an iris scanner

Reglement of what theory is true, is the fact that the coming year of Samsung's portfolio underwent a great metamorphosis. I can not wait, and you?

* In the title screen of Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and Galaxy J5 2017 (under the link you find a comparison made by Kacper)

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