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Raków Częstochowa – Chojnice Chojnice 1: 0 [ZDJĘCIA, RELACJA, WYNIK]


Prior to this match, Raków Czestochowa was not mobilized. Chojniczanka was the only team that the leader in this season, besides the meeting, won a lot of controversy, and Marek Papszun said that the referee took over his team's expense.

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In the rematch, residents of Czestochowa performed their play streams of & # 39; the first action, which gives their opponents the penalty punishable. And after six minutes they gave the first blow when Szymon Lewicki closed his central cross of the left.

Chojniczanie could not come from par, faster from & # 39; a bullet. After 18 minutes must be 2-0, but Patryk Kun drained the bar, meaning that Mateusz Zachara did not save the assists. The hosts did not have one of the following occasions and they went with the slightest possible lead.

– After the end I showed the sender "leadership", I wanted to give it to Robert Kubica – said Lewicki. – We need to lead higher, but we check the match and it seems exactly right – the battle before which it was the sixth hit in the season.

After the break, the team of Papszyn continued to switch on their terms, but changed it into non-talent and there was no shortage, and Miłosz Przybecki's shotgun in the penalty area between the feet defenders would lead to equilibrium. Martin Listkowski, before the goal of Chojniczanka was the ball to Emil Drozdowicz, killed the riots, and made the long rally just next to the post.

He tried to make things worse by the end of the game, and in the 77th minute Grzegorz Kasperkiewicz flipped the ball in after a cross from the right side of the box, then the referee was handed to a penalty kick by 39 minutes into the game. hand.

Raków, however, could lead to the end and he can be sure he will position the position of the leader of Fortuna 1st League in 2019.

Raków Częstochowa – Chojnice Chojnice 1: 0 (1: 0)

1: 0
Szymon Lewicki (6)

Rakow Gliwa – Petrasek, Niewulis, Kasperkiewicz – Malinowski, Black, Listkowski, Zachara (75. Radwański), Domański (83. Kościelny), Kun – Lewicki (88th Musiolik). Coach: Marek Papszun.

Chojniczanka Janukiewicz – Podgórski, Michalski, Boczekl, Pietruszka – Przybecki, Zawistowski (78th Wołąkiewicz), Paprzycki, Grzelczak – Surdykowski (81. Piotrowski), Mikołajczak (66. Drozdowicz). Coach: Maciej Bartoszek.

Yellow cards: Zachara, Kasperkiewicz, Musiolik, Gliwa – Boczek, Mikołajczak and Paprzycki. red: Kasperkiewicz (85 & 39; after the second yellow)

the judge Piotr Lasyk (Bytom).

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