Thursday , December 2 2021

PS5 and Bravia XR are a perfect duo. Sony is promoting the console’s collaboration with TV


Sony has released a new trailer with the Bravia XR and PlayStation 5. The manufacturer emphasizes that the TV and console work together perfectly to give players the best experience of the latest productions.

Last week, I informed our readers about the positive situation – the first models of Sony TVs received VRR support. The Japanese have started updating the TV, so in the very future the technology should appear on PlayStation 5.

The corporation is forever promoting PS5 and its latest TV sets, but the ad that has just been published is a positive surprise. The manufacturer shows how the current generation console can work with the Bravia XR – among other things, fans will benefit from automatic color setting, which will only be detected in games.

These are of course just details, but I’m sure loyal Sony fans will appreciate the corporation’s actions. After all, the Japanese make good use of their products and can reward players who decide to buy PlayStation 5 and Bravia in a positive way.

In the material we see some strong and exclusive games prepared by Sony’s own studios – the company shows Gran Turismo 7, among others.

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