Tuesday , November 30 2021

Previous (?) Boy Edyta Górniak commentary!


Previous (?) Boy Edyta Górniak commentary!

If in July after much perturbations in the love of # 39; love, Edyta Górniak Again, she told the world that she had found the love of her life with whom she had adopted her nephew and got involved with the wild animals, would not have thought that such problems were in the paradise as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, the wonderful plans and alterations of friends who appear in tabloids are probably the past. Edyta and Mateusz, as well as two adults, relocated to the relationship, stopped them in Instagram and they let all photos disappear.

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If he says fact. Zalewski He disappeared normally on Edyta, for she had no time for him:

Mateusz had a grave against Edyta long, so he did not have enough time. When he learned that he had left for a long time, he was usually mistreated – we read.

Zalewski on his Instagram profile has decided to lower the reputations: "Frequently" – he wrote.

Now, if it's true that Mateusz's partner is offended, Edyta would like her to be one of her age.

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