Wednesday , December 8 2021

Pin-watch. Artur Szpilka rose from the board and defeated Mariusz Wach.


After an exciting fight of the evening, Artur Szpilka beat Gliwice in the "Knockout Boxing Night" gala at Gliwice to uneven at Marius Wach's point. In the last round of "Szpil" he was on the board, but he stood up and was definitely freezing. He reached the last gong. After reading the verdict, there was a riot in the ring, and "Spillpillar" was ready to fall into a melee.

The fight has been a very promising start. From the beginning, Wach is trying to push Szpilka and left. On the other hand, the spillfill was very concentrated, reacting with his right hand and adding a left sickle. At the end of the opening clash, Watch grabbed his rival's right counter. – Slowdown – Andrzej Grawczyk, coach of "Szpil", both elements demanded attention to the elements that worked hard during preparation.

In the second round, Wach first gave up his front hand while hunting for the right stroke. On the other hand, Spillficker was very mobile and brought a good left sickle twice. At midpoint, "Wiking" closed his beloved for the first time in the corner, but Arthur quickly got in trouble and led the clinch. At one point in the right – to – left combination falling to the bottom of the Szpilka 's jaw, the KnockOut Promotions group player had a slightly rugged leg, but the 29 – year – old player quickly regained his resonance.

The third round began with Wach on the good left, but Szpilka responded equally well with a strike. However, the corner of "Szpil" realized that the jaw of "Wiking" was made of granite and constantly required drilling. Artur was very passionate and Mariusz gave the impression that he was getting better. It faintly flared shortly after the ball, which was still hit in the swamp of the "Szpila" fight and had to go through the boxers of Judge Leszek Jankowiak.

The fourth round started with strong exchanges when the spillfiller made two strong blows. Wach tried to fight harder, but Arthur replied with a surprising combination. At one point Wieliczanin fired a very stranded left hook, but lacked precision. Outraged, Wach ran to his competitors and he was back in old trouble with a problem. In other words, he lowered his hand. However, "Szpila" responded to Wach's attack and both made the audience the best round.

– You have to sit on it, he is getting more and more out of his hands – his coach, Piotr Wilczewski, said in a rest at Wacha.

Cracovian liked this saying, and drove Szpilka into the corner, but there was no blow. The 2-meter-long rivals gave the field to rivals and after a while they tried to cut the ring, but "Szpila" fought back in the middle of the ring. "Boards" smelled in the last few decades when the straight straight Wacha Szpilka was clearly staggered. He shrank a little and could not get any more, and he answered left and was out of trouble.

The second half contracted in a 10 round battle started at a somewhat calm pace, but Wach's end was finally pointed to his right hand and he came back a short time before the old demon of Spicca returned. Wieliczka's boxer suddenly left his hands in a completely irresponsible way and missed the duel at his request. During the break, Andrzej Gmitruk set out to give orders to rebellious successors.

The trainer's reprimand worked, Spitzkara regained his concentration and started the next dissection very enthusiastically, succeeding in scoring two and a half hits and a rival. Wach tried to find his right jaw, and he was not short enough to blow him off the "Hook" jaw. But Artur did not hurt except for a moment.

Inactivity Wacha "Szpila" skipped perfectly to the opponent for one round of eight rounds and jumped half way through the distance, eliminating the disadvantages of physical condition. Passover Wacha became one of the easier 3 minutes in this fight for the referee to score.

The right lower corner, right jaw and Saga poured a corner kick, but the mobile pin was still a difficult target for the opponent. For 10 years younger, wieliczanin played "Viking" which seemed to lack the conditions to maintain the strength of the duel start. Capital movements began in the last seconds on the ropes, and "Spillpillar" was hit hard, but when he broke the ball, square fans were separated by judge Leszek Jankowiak and flash.

The last round began with a large amount of Wach's activity, and he "turned on" his legs and started chasing the pins in the ring. "Wiking" probably knew that knockout would allow him to solve this battle in his favor. And before finishing, Wach caught Szpilka with a strong win over the top and sent his rival to the board. "Szpila" broke the roses and based on his character in 40 seconds, but Wach tried not to leave but put a punch on his wife's jaw. Szpilka, totally ecstatic by some miracles, survived the final token and won a valuable victory with a 2-1 ratio of the arbitrators.

The judge ruled Szpilka 97:93, 93:96 Wach and 95:94 Szpilka, whistling in the corridor, denouncing the part of the stand for judgment. The duel is too flat and it seems obligatory to play again.


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