Wednesday , June 7 2023

Norway Press: Travel to Vistula


"Vistula River Trip" – Norwegian TV NRK summarized the unsuccessful performance of ski jumper in the first World Cup competition.

Norway's jumper was hit hard before traveling to Poland. The team finished 10th after disqualification of Robert Johansson and took the top spot on the charge of Austrian Alexander Stalkel.

"On Sundays, Johann Andre Forfang's 10th place, Daniel Andre Tande and Andreas Stjernen, will be a big re-team after the first series." Wisła's station started.

– We do not know what went wrong because we have good and routine teams, but now we have motivation to improve – NRK Stjernen said.

Johan Remen Evensen, a commentator on the station and a representative jumper in the past, commented, "It will be difficult because you can not jump anymore."

Tande was interested in the unpredictability of the jump. He was fascinated by the podium with the winner Evgeny Klimov. There were also Stephan Leyhe and Ryoyu Kobayashi with Russia.

– The beauty of jumping is that they can not be predicted, just like in a place like Bis. Anyone who likes noisy names and patches suddenly falls out of performance and somebody else + takes a leap in life. Probably no one could choose the first three – he stressed.

The second edition of the World Cup – Finus Kuusamo in Finland for a week.

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