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No Man's Sky Patches Encrypt the Surface of Planets


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Another big patch to No Man's Sky is finished. The update is called Visions and will increase the variance of investigated planets, offer new weather, raw materials, animals and heat.

The update will be numbered 1.75. It would later be issued this year. - No Man - Sky Visions Will Increase the Plane of Places - News - 2018-11-21

The update will be numbered 1.75. It would later be issued this year.


  1. Game developer: Hello Games
  2. publisher: Hello Games
  3. genre: action game
  4. platforms: PS4, PC, XONE
  5. Release date on PS4 and PC: August 2016.
  6. Release date on XONE: July 2018

No Man's Sky has been two years since the premiere, but the studio studio Hallespiel is unaware of the development of the project. A new update appeared in the network, titled VisionsThanks to which we know the future plans of the creators.

The patch will focus on increasing the diversity of explored planets. In # Galaxys new types will appear in the world, and the existing ones will be featured with many additional elements. Some of these changes will only be visualized, such as the appearance of a rainbow. Others will have a strong influence on the game, give more unpleasant weather and climate conditions and previously unavailable raw material.

The visual quality of the sky will also be improved, and in the universe of games, more ambitious planets are anomalies. Players are given the opportunity to perform archaeological excavations, thereby providing strange artifacts and valuable arches of extinct animal types. The handwerker will be added to new parts, making the construction of previously unavailable items, such as fireworks.

New, often very strangely, life-forms on planets appear, such as the pre-generated wobbling devices. We are committed to defective defensive threats, and fun is provided by missions involving players from around the globe.

Let's think it No Man's Sky It appeared in PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016 (users of Xbox only released this year). The game was one of the greatest developments of that year, but the creators did not work and did their work. This year, it was awesome for the project. In July, a great update of 1.50 was released, so it was assumed that for a few times production was found under the popular titles on PC and PS4. Enter #, on & # 39; At the end of October, we received another big patch, which was aimed at discovering oceans.

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