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Morawiecki's speech to the 100th anniversary of Independence Day


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the independence celebration, the TV appeared at 20 o'clock, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appealed to celebrate this anniversary.

– A hundred years ago, our ancestors, heroism, weapons and diplomats gave us a free Commonwealth. They gave us our homeland. I love you all today, regardless of age, place of residence, education, and profession. The prime minister said.

"These days we remember the father of Józef Piłsudski, Roman Dmowski, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Wincenty Witos, Wojciech Korfanty and Ignacy Daszyński.

"Many things were different before and after independence, and they often fight each other," he said. But in Poland's main days, months, and years, they emphasized Morawiecki, home to freedom, independence and sovereignty.

The efforts of these prominent politicians and the efforts of society as a whole have made it possible for a country without its own economy to become an important country on European maps without currency and law. He added that the second Polish Republic became a red community with the white people of the Polish people he loves.

"There are not many countries that have similar experiences in history"

As the prime minister said, "For the last 250 years, many generations of Poland have had to keep their hidden independence in Poland's mind, spirit and hope." There is not much in the country of a country that has similar experiences in history and in the country, as we can be proud of having passed the test of humanity, commitment and solidarity in difficult history. We passed but the story was not over. The prime minister stressed.

– Independence Day is the date that we must first remind ourselves of the great commitment to Poland's future. How will our country look for next year and over the next 100 years? Poland-Morawiecki, who wants to leave Poland, our grandson, and our community in our generation's relay, pointed out.

"Free Poland is a willingness to set ambitious goals, and we will make Poland stronger and make life happier," he said.

– Therefore, the basic mission of the Polish government is to continuously improve the quality of life of Polish families through pro-familial policies thanks to the entrepreneurship of Poland. By creating more and better quality jobs and strengthening the power of the Polish economy, we can catch up with the advanced development of developed countries in a decade of time that never happened in Polish history. We have to do everything we can to ensure that the apartment is safe and enriched for a long time. This is a challenge for today's patriots, governments, citizens and the opposition, our common task – Morawiecki said.

"We show that we are one of the most prosperous European countries"

– Dear gentlemen! To keep Europe's value, Poland continued to fight the Nazi Germany, which had driven the Soviet storm in 1920 and became the victim of two crime systems. No one from Poland can better understand the fact that individual freedom is part of a large, democratic national community.

– Today, as a member of the European Union (EU), we show that we are one of the most prosperous European countries. The future of Poland will always be Europe. The European project is also a Polish project, and our issue is that the EU should be a success story. So strengthening the European Union will be and will continue to be an absolute basis for Polish foreign policy, he said.

– ladies and gentlemen. There is a problem beyond short-term disputes and conflicts, such as security, the standard of living in Poland, and the honor of Poland, but respect for citizens and citizens, including values, differences of opinion, life diversity and ideological choices, is also important. Let's see if we can be one to contribute to building a community and strengthening Poland's position. We all agree that conversation is probably more beneficial than two monologues.

That's why I invite all Polish and all political parties to work together for our security and economic development. This will be our cross-party promise that we will pursue beyond the political sector. There will be enough places for everyone under the white and red flags – highlight Morawiecki.

"Let's celebrate this together"

On a special day of independence we celebrate our freedom with happiness. Freedom of the State and our respective freedoms. Let's celebrate with our family, together with our neighbors. You may not agree with a specific problem every day with anyone. But in one issue we must agree. Our own independent state is our greatest treasure, the best value and the greatest opportunity for a good future in Poland – the prime minister has listed.

Morawiecki pointed out, "Together we all want to use the better future as beautiful as possible." – To celebrate this holiday in every corner of our country, and also in the whole world with our compatriots. Let's celebrate together. A free and proud Polish feast – he called.

– Poland did not die when we lived. The head of government ended the speech.

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