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Monuments to Jacek Sasin and Lech Kaczyński in Warsaw on 11 November


Did PiS say that he "trapped the nationalists"? – Asking questions for interviewers and exchanging opinions with others. Andrzej Stankiewicz Published on Onet yesterday. – Some of the media seemed to prefer individual banners that should not appear – Sasin said. – This shows expectations that the march will compromise Poland. He wants to make sure he has an accident. An overwhelming majority came with the Polish flag. He also pointed out that PO leaders should apologize for the "march of shame".

At the same time, Jacek Sasin admitted in an interview, "The problem of burning the EU flag was completely stupid." – You should not get up. There is always room for those who want to hinder marching. (…) Many people from Poland who were trying to hinder the march could not enter Poland. It was not good for our seniors. Many thanks for being able to highlight Sasin during the conversation.

– I think that on 11 November of every year the Polish government has an obligation to organize a celebration at this level. This is not an anniversary that should be organized into one environment. We have to combine different environments. We have trouble connecting PiS-theft parties – communities. "Sasin said – there is a code to disrupt the march and other radical right-wing environments, and we can not give them this holiday.The march says Poland wants the state to organize the march.

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On Saturday, a Lech Kaczyński monument was unveiled in Warsaw. The opposition blamed these decisions by the authorities. Referring to this question, Sasin said that "modern independence" is due to the politics of politicians and that Lech Kaczyński should have "a more impressive monument" than those who stood at Piłsudski Square.

– Po promised to destroy the monument. – You can see that these people are not enough. Every opportunity of fighting is used in Poland. Lech Kaczyński served Poland. Perhaps modern independence would not have happened without modern independence. It is good for the opposition party to accept it, especially when referring to Lech Kaczyński. It was worth commemorating him. I appeal to the opposition party to avoid the tragedy of political capital. (…) The monuments of Lech Kaczyński would have been better and probably more spectacular than the collection.

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