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Milena Sadowska – Who is the new Polonia sheep? [INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, ZDJĘCIA]


Milena Sadowska - Who is the new Polonia sheep?
Author: Mateusz Jagielski / East News
Milena Sadowska

Miss Polonia 2018 was Milena Sadowska! Find out who is the most beautiful Polish woman in

Milena Sadowska – Who is the new Polonia sheep? Many people are clearly asking this question. In the most spectacular election of 2018, Milena was recognized as entitled to the yellow crown and opportunity to represent our country in international competition. It is worthwhile to find out more about the new Miss Polonia winner.

Miss Polonia 2018 – Who is Milena Sadowska?

Miss Polonia Competition In 2018, Milena Sadowska represented Chrzanów Land and the entire Małopolska region. Babice's 19-year-old woman was recognized as the most beautiful woman in Poland in 2018. Who will represent Poland at the convention?

Milena Sadowska graduated this year. In October he moved to Cracow and studied at Pontifical University. Until now, Milena had no chance to introduce herself in a big event, but she always dreamed of participating in Miss Contest.

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The new Miss Polonia enjoys spending time aggressively. He feels great in the gym and while riding a bicycle or rollerblading. As a child, her passion was a horse. Recently Milena has a driver's license and turns out to have a driver's license. One of Milena Sadowska's great dreams is a trip to the United States. Perhaps this will make the title of Miss Poland 2018 possible. Because, as you know, there are people who conquered Poland's crown in many of the world's events.

Milena Sadowska – Instagram and Facebook

Below you can see photos posted by Milena Sadowska on Instagram and Facebook.

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