Friday , May 7 2021

Meghan Markle will lose another assistant! "It's no secret that the duke is hard to work with"

Meghan Markle will lose another assistant!

After a good start in the royal family, despite a scandal with a red sister and father, Meghan Markle's head begins to temporarily collect the black clouds. British book villages are running in publications that make the princess in a dark light. Most are spoken about the words Conflict with Princess Kate, by the relationship between Harry and William.

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Then Meghan, the # 34 Army Aviator, wanted to use the historic chapel for her marriage: Meghan Markle requested air celebrations for her marriage! "The palace considered this request angry."

If you believe in media information, Duchess Sussex misses the service of the Kensigton PalaceWhich Kate paid her attention. A few weeks ago, the decision to leave the base was left by the personal assistant Meghan, who had mailed for half a year. Although the official reasons did not, the tabloids immediately began to write co-worker "she could not stand up with fierce Markle".

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On Sunday Daily Mail He announced changes. A 50-year-old assistant who works with Meghan works as a replacement for a staff member who has left the palace a few months ago from the work. Samantha Cohen is connected to the royal family for 17 years and is very concentrated on the monarchy. Previously, she was an important member of staff at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth's value, and Meghan was very guilty of staying with her. Sorry for her, Samantha decided to leave her work, just when Duchess Sussex received a child.

Of course, the reasons for this decision are unknown, but the British media know it.

It is no secret that the duke is hard to cooperate – The source of the magazine is reported The sun.

Do you think there is actually something behind these reverses or is it just an agreement?

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