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Independent Centennial activist and advocate: Running, Binding and Hymn


Athletes and supporters actively participated in Poland's 100th anniversary of independence. Many races were held throughout the country, and league matches were solemn. Football and basketball,

The 30th Niepodległości was held in Warsaw. Before starting, traditionally, 11.11 thousands of runners sang hymns. Participants wearing white and red shirts with the inscription "Warsaw – the capital of freedom 1918-2018" during the match made Polish "living" flags. More than 18,000 people attended the event.

Kamil Karbowiak (Kotwica Brzeg) won the route of 10 km for 29.38, and among the women is Anna Gosk (Podlasie Białystok) – 33.06.

The event in Poznań had a record difference in the number of participants in mass mobilization. Just before 11 o'clock, Solna Street was filled with 22.5 thousand people. Runners of 18 countries dressed in white or red shirts. Such a turnout was a big challenge for organizers who wave players on the path for security reasons. When the first participant passed the finish, the other participant was still warming up at the start.

"It was an enormous amount of work for hundreds of people.The biggest uncertainty was how the runners would adapt to infrastructure and logistics.Around eight thousand people were involved in the first competition, We did not organize such a big event in Poland, "said competitor Artur Kujawiński.

The beginning of the run was preceded by the song of the country. In just half an hour, the fastest competitor appeared on the finish line. The Olympic champion from Rio de Janeiro won Artur Kozłowski (MULKS MOS Sieradz).

"Since the game started, there have been over 22,000 places to drink Dąbrowski Mazurka and it was special – the fans have wings," said several Polish champions who played 10km in the half marathon.

Women won victory by Victoria Stalowa Wola player Anna Wójcik, who studies daily in Poznanu. "The mood was one of a kind and it is beautiful to win in such a contest" – I admit the happy winner.

One of the participants met a soldier in the dress. "Given the weight of a soldier's booty kilograms, it was not easy to consider that it usually runs 10 to 35-36 minutes, now it's over 40 minutes and I am a soldier. Senator Marcin Sypniewski said. The land of Poznań.

Each participant originally received a medal. The 20-centimeter knife was baked in Poznan, 24-karat gold and St. Martin's croissant, and was baked in Wielkopolska, another city, centered on St. Martin's Day on November 11th.

The Krakow Independence Movement was the fifth. The beginning and the end of the 11 km path were marked near Błonia. Three thousand people left. Before the event took place, the participants set up a flag wearing Mazurek Dąbrowski and a white shirt and a red shirt.

Adam Czerwiński of Wieliczka came to the finish line of his achievements over two years ago. His time is 35.13. "Before I started, Mazurka of Dąbrowski made me feel like a goose clash and made me think only of the victory with a positive motive, because the ancestors fought for freedom, so this course was to fight my own weaknesses. I was thinking about it. "- admitted Czerwiński.

Among the women, Agnieszka Gortel-Maciuk from Chorzów was the first to finish – 39.55. "We had a lot of choice in Poland because there was a lot of equipment, but we did not compete for a long time in Krakow and it was not too far from Chorzów, so we decided to go here," – said the winner.

More than 700 people from various parts of Poland participated in the Zakopane Independence Run. Participants were able to choose between 5 km and 10 km. It was also possible to participate in the HANDICAP Foundation's integrated race with young disabled athletes. Former mountaineers Małgorzata Tlałka-Długosz, Marta Zborowska (Piętoń), Szymon Kraciuka and Polish Mirosław Witowska were trained.

The pleasure of participating in the incident was not hidden by Zakopane's Katarzyna. "I liked running, celebrating anniversaries, and traveling with my daughter today because of the beautiful weather." An 8-year-old man in the center of the Tatra Mountains in Poland spent five months in a stroller, "I was really beautiful.

The route has also been traversed by many Slovaks. "It is here that twelve people came to us, and not only their passion for running, but the fact that our neighbors have reached their 100th anniversary of independence," acknowledged Jarmilka of Jakamenny.

The competition was organized as part of the 100 national independence movements from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains, which took office three years ago.

The 6th Independence Run with … Mustache occurred in Wroclaw. Traditionally, a person without a mustache could attract or attach the person. A total of 2,196 people attended the event and the fastest 10 km with Michał Domowicz.

"The women also had a mustache, and most of the players had patriotism with them, and it was like a unique course without paradigm." The game was fantastic and Poland would like to have a good time. "- said Jacek Jackowiak, head of the case.

A mustache game was the main point of the event, but other events such as the army ranks for the youngest track and a family run for the whole family were organized.

"We also had a mechanical Kasztanka, which means a motorcycle with a trailer, and the marshals could sit and feel comfortable and imagine. We invite you to the event every year and invite you in 2019. Jackowiak has been added.

The main event of the Wałbrzych was Cross Niepodległości in the largest Podkham region, which also passed the area of ​​Książański Landscape Park. Men competed at a distance of 6.6 km and women competed at a distance of 4.4 km. There were many races for children and youth.

The beginning was preceded by a florist delegation of Independence Monument built in 1988 at Podzamcze. Cross country participants were equipped with graphics related to anniversary events as well as special shirts with white vultures and white and red flags. Piotr Holly won the longest street, while Joot Hoja (both in Wałbrzych) is the best among the ladies.

"Everything is over and we have a lot of things to do and we are pleased that we have made our bricks for the Jubilee celebration." – Marek Henczka, chairman of the cross country Wałbrzych Learning Club, was the first participant of Cycle de Llobénil (Doule Absir) It was Baranowski's first coach.

In Gdynia, a series of four runs under the auspices of PKO Bank Polski end November 11 stand-alone. It is true that the main course of 10km is scheduled for several hours. On the 15th, the whole event was started at 9 o'clock in Kosciuszko Square and started by Nordic walking march with 400 participants.

"Afterwards, there were various ages of independence, the youngest took a year, a total of 7,000 enthusiasts took part in the event, and 4,500 participants in the main event made huge white and red flags each year. Many people did not get home and encouraged the runners. "- Gedinia Sports Center coach Marek Łucyk said.

In Bialystok, the most important sports event on November 11 was "I played for independence". In total, about 1.5 thousand people took off at about 100,000 km of main event or relay trials. Participants came from behind the eastern frontier as well as from Poland. The run was white and red. This is because the participants in the starter package suffered special shirts of national colors.

The trip also marked the 100th anniversary of Polish independence. The start and finish line was at Aleja Józefa Piłudskiego, November 11th. The stylist of the anniversary was also a medal. Profile of Marshall Piłsudski and the national flag.

The International Supermariner of the Century was held on Saturday already in conjunction with the national championships in the 100 km running from the Physical Education University of Józef Piłsudski. Among the women, she won the Polish record 8: 05.38 while Małgorzata Pazda-Pozorska (AML Słupsk) and Piotr Stachyra (MKS Piast Głogów) defended the title with the men – 7: 09.23.

"I think we celebrated a special day in a majestic way. On November 10, when Józef Piłsudski arrived at Warsaw at 7:06, Mazurka of Dąbrowski sang at that time, and the 100th anniversary of the International Supermariner Started in the history of college, "his principal, the Physical Education Academy, said. Professor. Andrzej Mastalerz.

"Independence of the Country" was an event where Polish hockey players played the 100th anniversary of the Independence Day in the EIHC tournament. On the beach of Gdansk Jelitkowo, white and red at noon on Sunday called the national anthem as the full version.

"I still have national anthems on the beach in team matches, tournaments and championships." When Dąbrowski Mazurka is played, the crowd goes behind every pole in the audience and ice rink. Everyone is excited on the shoulder, "- said Polish team goalkeeper Przemysław Odrobny.

Dąbrowski's Mazurka was created by American security guards John Murray and Czech Ondrej Raszek along with Polish passports.

We organized a company with the first league football players to celebrate independence day. Special clips were broadcast while the last and previous queues on the stadium screen match and during the broadcast. Before every match the Polish flag appeared on the pitch, the country sang and the soccer player appeared on the lawn with white and red scarves.

In Kraków, a lot of fans brought white and red flags in the Wisła match against KGHM Zagłębie Lubin (3: 2), and home team players had "Independence" in their shirts. In Bialystok where Jagiellonia took Lech Poznan, soccer players led the Józef Piłsudski army into the stadium and appeared on the stands with other players. Banner with inscription: "100 years of independence. We are proud of Polish."

The national league also ran before the first whistle in the Premier League game. In Warsaw, before both Legia and Polski Cukier Torun (68:63), both teams and judges competitors distributed white and red scarf fans. Also, when "we were alive," the organizers were warming up before the meeting and the team appeared nationally: Legia – white, Polish sugar – red.

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