Tuesday , May 30 2023

HTC can kill U :: PCLab.pl smartphone series.


Time for change. HTC was once considered one of the best smartphone manufacturers and has been competing for many years. Taiwanese people should fight not only the companies like Samsung and Apple but also the invisible poppies from China. Are you going to implement a strategy that will help your company finally stay straight?

This of course, we do not know, but next year is likely to see some major changes in the HTC smartphone offerings. Phandroid's editorial team cites its anonymous source, contrary to what we expect, the company claims it will not show its flagship U Series device in the spring, and instead of the U13 model, this year's Taiwanese mobile phone. A company that is replacing its flagship product is clearly planning "something else" but it is difficult to say exactly what the manufacturer is currently showing.

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HTC is likely to make a big difference to the current strategy in the smartphone market and the flagship to replace the U13 model will be the first fruit. What exactly can the company do? It is not known, but many of us will be happy if the company finally begins to fight at attractive prices. Even though Taiwan's devices offer pretty good components, they are less profitable than similar products signed by brands like Xiaomi or Huawei.

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