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Grupa Żywiec purchases Namysłów Brewery for PLN 500 m. What is the future of beer?


According to Comynka's Zywiec Group, there is a revolution in the Polish beer market and consumers are looking for more and more variety. Beer specialty stores and local beer are the fastest growing market segments. Grupa Żywiec and Namysłów breweries complement each other.

– In recent years, as a result of dynamic development, Namysłów Brewery has acquired Poland's fastest growing regional brewery status.

Grupa Żywiec has demonstrated its unique ability to read consumer trends and develop new market segments with its commitment to quality and experience in building strong brands thanks to its long brewing tradition. The combination of strengths will create opportunities to develop Namysłów Brewery and its brands on a large scale, and Grupa Żywiec will have new opportunities to better utilize consumer interest in the beer specialty.

– Namysłów is pleased to join the brewery soon Grupa Żywiec. We believe that the in-depth knowledge of the beer market, the flexibility of the Namysłów Brewery, and the expertise and experience of building a larger, more powerful brand are the perfect way to succeed in the changing market – Grupa Żywiec SA Guillaume Duverdier, managing director, said.

Michael Gostomski, president of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder of Browar Namysłów, says Namysłów Brewery has been in the Gostomski family for over 20 years.

– At that time, we cultivated the company as a major regional player in a small local brewery. These changes were made possible by the cooperation of the Namysłów inhabitants, the dedication and efforts of the staff, and the talents of the Wojciech Szczepaniak according to the instructions of the talented management. Michael Gostomski said.

We are delighted to join forces with Grupa Żywiec. We believe that this partnership will enable the company and its employees to fully exploit their potential. Michael Gostomski said.

Namysłów Brewery is a local brewing company. It produces approximately 1.7 million hl beers annually at the Namysłów and Braniewo breweries. The main brands of the Namysłów brewery include Namysłów, Braniewo, Zamkowe and Kuflowe.

Grupa Żywiec is a leader in the premium sector and one of the leading brewing companies in Poland. Żywiec, Warka, Elbląg Leżajsk and Cieszyn breweries to brew 11 million hl of beer annually. Offering the broadest portfolio of brands in a variety of beer styles, the most important brands include Żywiec, Heineken and Desperados.

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