Tuesday , May 11 2021

Fraudsters act as the National Bank of Poland. This is a fake cryptocurrency exchange

Cybercriminals have created a fake cryptocurrency exchange. They use the logo of the National Bank of Poland to increase the credibility of their offer. The CSIRT KNF team warns of the threat.


The scammers have created a fake website and persuade Poland to invest money. They offer huge profits that are expected to bring the purchase of Crypto Coins. The distribution of the attack is unknown, but it is likely that criminals use social media to make direct contact with victims. We have seen similar scenarios in the past.

The fake cryptocurrency exchange requires registration, an email address, phone number, name and last name, and creating a password. This data can then be used when trying to access various accounts – especially social media. But that’s just an “add-on”. The attack itself is much more dangerous.

After successful registration with the & nbsp service, the fraudsters contact the victims. They claim that there is a problem with verifying their identity. They trick the victim into installing software that helps them pass on the verification process more easily.


In fact, it is a program that allows criminals to operate a remote computer or malware for Android smartphones (depending on the victim’s choice). This is how scammers gain access to victims’ bank accounts and steal money from them.

SMS: "Your package has been seized by customs" - this is an attempt to cheat

SMS: “Your package has been seized by customs” – this is an attempt at fraud

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