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Elżbieta Chojna-Duch: Glapiński must be scanned

"He is a beautiful man, he is a very good man and perhaps naive," says NBP president Adam Glapiński in Poranny, interview with RMF FM, prof. Elżbieta Chojna-Duch, Former Minister of Finance, referring to the case of Marek Ch., Former head of KNF, murder of corruption.

Robert Mazurek, RMF FM: Marek Ch. He spent the night in the house. We say "Marek Ch.", Given the former head of the KNF corruption loan. If it was the corruption of Professor, was he alone acting or with one?

Professor Elżbieta Chojna-Duch was the deputy minister of finance: – If I know, I've made a notification about the crime of this or that person, but of course I do not know. I think he's a black sheep, but it will only be known to his ears.

Do you think he invented himself? He simply did: "I'm 40 years old, I'm a professor, I do not deserve to earn, I still have a great career for me, but what will I have if I get more?"

– It is possible to make the switch of him in high position present too great and he has not mentally limited. We have different options here.

I believe, Minister. You say that a man is 40, but at last, not a child, has a professional position and a perspective of a great career ahead of him, he suddenly gets mad?

– perhaps it is possible. What he said, I read the session and my surprise was growing, it was not really serious, it was absolutely unhealthy.

I also thought you should not trust people in their forties.

– perhaps.

Minister, however, remains the question: if he was offered by the head of the National Bank of Poland, professor Glapiński, he has no single, least political responsibility for him? In other words, do Adam Glapiński have to go out?

– Probably not, if he does not want to, it is not possible. This is guaranteed by the law.

We know that.

– He's also great shock, to trust his protector, and he believed he would do the best in every respect.

So you, in contrast to Professor Gomułka, think that Mr. Marek Ch. all worked, so Adam Glapiński has no responsibility for that? I say that Professor Gomułka, who was also our guest, stressed that it was all.

-… sita, mafia.

He did not use such words, but yes.

– I know Professor Glapiński enough to trust him in the drawer. He is a very nice man, he is a very good man and maybe naive. That's all I can say, I'm with him six years and I can give the best recommendations.

But if the naive man is the head of the National Bank of Poland, this is not the best recommendation. I would rather be a man less likely.

– Sharp.

At least not comfortable, despite the fact that he is busy. No one feels one for a century, Professor Glapiński is not a young man who turns one away.

– perhaps a lesson.

Or maybe I want to change the subject a little bit, this whole story with Leszek Czarnecki, which summons his talk with the head of KNF, says it in March, let's just look at what's happening in itself the source of many rides, why so long. Perhaps, now there is never a bank of banks in # Swiss banks, but he holds the hedge funds?

– It's also possible, I do not know, I do not know. The appropriate services have all this knowledge.

You have not got a locker in a Swiss bank?

– No, not in # Swiss, nor in & # 39; a tasty, not yet recorded. I think it is necessary to do as it should be – think, this is the best word in every, so-speak, aspect. In the background, it takes home, blacks, it is very sensual, demoralize, now everyone will start again and it's bad, very bad.

Yesterday, our guest was Grzegorz Małecki, former head of the Foreign Intelligence Agency, that it may be that in & # 39; The big business environment is everyone's inclination and it is difficult to live.

– It's trendy, sure, what would you say …

You know the world or not.

– I do not like it, sometimes things will be different than they are said to be in the camera or officially.

Do you want to tell me sometime a man what's wrong?

– Yes, and it is difficult to listen to it later.

Ok, but something else, if someone disappears and his powers come out of his mouth, and what else he is, if he makes suggestions for corruption, then he does not see it, it's rather thought. The truth?

– It's me unkind. This complete chat was almost schizophrenic.

Professor, yesterday evaluated two previous former deputy financiers on the VAT fraud committee and this is a very interesting experience for the observer. The woman was the deputy minister of finance, it was your colleague – Dariusz Daniluk and Ludwik Kotecki. You knew everything. Dariusz Daniluk never did, Mr. Ludwig Kotecki, in essence nothing. How can it be that there are three deputy ministries of finance, two think nothing, and you think of everything?

– I listen and see times of time, it took a long time. They all very well. And this is a great advantage of course. I did not have to forgive myself.

Hate it?

– I do not know. Perhaps they want.

And why do they want to?

– It's easier, there are no problems.

And you are not afraid of problems?

– No.

Let's talk about what's the problem. How much more would this full VAT amount cost the state budget? I know nobody gets it on the calculator and it does not come with so many pennies. But how much more? What money do we learn about?

– The main thing is that this gap is large, it was the size of the Polish budget.

Annual budget?

– Annual budget.

So much worse?

– Let's say 250 billion PLN, and the budget is 200-300 depending on whether on the expense of expenditure or on & nbsp; on the side of income.

250 billion zloty, a quarter of a billion.

– Let's even have half of the budget, it's a very large amount. You can finance everything.

We have lost so much because VAT regulations are malfunctioning, well? Let's call it politically.

– They have been abused for various types of abuse, fraud and broadcast. But it is not only regulations, but also the whole range of events to this. Thus, the right of application, and therefore tax administration, fiscal control, case law, taxable interpretations are gentle. It is not only the Polish law, but also European law. European jurisdiction and, ultimately, the courts.

Professor, our listeners just have heard of you about an annual budget, I apologize for colloquialism, went to swing, not to see someone, and another, the fat teddy bear would not , that's 250 billion zlotys … This is unmistakable. I do not know what you can build. This is the year of the functioning of the state.

– Yes.

Ok, so tell me, what do you have to say on TV that Donald Tusk has abolished you from VAT?

– No special. One word – a leek appeared. And maybe I've developed it. There were two editors at TVN.

But what did you do? What have you been talking about?

– That the regulations are designed for VAT fraud.

Who personally designed these recipes? You do not have a financial ministry.

– Group. It is not a person. The minister was responsible because he was responsible.

Formal yes.

– He has authorized me to build these rules. And we have different departments in the Ministry of Finance, the European Department, the legal department, the VAT department, and many of them work in each of them.

And what was the role of Minister Sławomir Nowak, Minister in the Premier Minister, advisor to Prime Minister Tusk, according to your testimony, the person deciding on the form of this work.

– Yes, and even sent a letter that guides us to make these decisions, in his office in the premier of # 39; a minister of the Prime Minister.

Once again. Minister Nowak says what's the case is what the Ministry of Finance works, but what he settles in his office?

– And so it was and it was the expression of my fear first and then protest.

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