Tuesday , June 6 2023

Check your headphones to 10,000. Worthy


Sennheiser calls this model a new king. The HD820 is designed for audio enthusiasts. No one will spend $ 10,000. PLN for headphones. I spent a few minutes attending the Audio Video Show.

Earphones in this class are usually open. Sennheiser, however, decided to surprise everyone by creating a closed model based on the known HD800S. The HD820 looks for the same driver and headband adjustment system as the Helmholtz resonator. This does not mean that both models are identical.

Impressive building

sennheiser hd820

Standard attenuation cans can not be found on the HD820. They have been replaced by concave plates made of Gorilla Glass, where the reflections of sound come straight to the listening room. Above all, it is intended to ensure the sound quality of music, but it also positively affects the design of headphones.

sennheiser hd820

I put them on my head and I was surprised that it was very light. The data provided by the manufacturer is merely an impression because the design is 360 grams, and it is true that this weight is spread well enough to swear that it has undergone some tests that have been tested with at least 100 grams. The HD820 also has a giant frosted earhook that can not be attached in any way. There is an ear that has no problem in the ear. After a few more hours, you will not feel uncomfortable.

Sennheiser HD820 – How do you hear?

Think of this as your first impression. Ten minutes after listening to a completely unknown album, I prefer not to do too drastic reviews. The first thing to throw into your ear is selectivity. If you do not concentrate too much, you can concentrate on the individual instruments that people record. I am pretty good considering that I am listening to terrible sounds in a fair place.

sennheiser hd820

As for quality itself, I dare to hear treble and midrange sounds as they always seemed. Regarding the sound of bass instruments, I think … I do not really like implementing jazz music with listening. The bass seemed too flat and I did not have a warm pit I like. But as I said, it has more disk flaws and more personal preferences than the headphones themselves.

It is a pity that I spend more time with them and can not test them with the recordings I know how they sound on different models. That is the attraction of the fair. Nevertheless, I strongly encourage you to visit Sennheiser's stand at Penn National Park. In PGE National Park, you can see for yourself if there are 10,000 headphones. PLN is actually worth it.

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