Thursday , January 20 2022

CEV Cup: Indykpol AZS Olsztyn has probably developed in Finland.


Indypol AZS Olsztyn volleyball players have entered the CEV Cup 1/16 finals. On Tuesday, Hurrikaani Loimaa bowed to the competition by bowing to Polish Team 1: 3 (17:25, 25:17, 17:25, 20:25) on his dance floor.

Akademików of the Olsztyn team and the Finnish team returned to the European salon after waiting 10 years. In the 2008/2009 season Indykpol AZS started to compete in 1/16 of the CEV Cup and lost twice in Lokomotiv-Belgorod, Russia. The Polish team succumbed to the Sisley Treviso twice in Italy after moving to the Challenge Cup. On December 10, 2008, the Olsztyn team was given the opportunity to compete in the cup.

The dismantling of the Huragans Olsztyn team and the CEV Cup was probably 3-0 (25:14, 25:16, 25:20) and the rematch in Finland is only formal. Scholars have certainly won the first game by the age of 17 and are expected to react smoothly to their rivals. In the second set, however, they were attacked to strengthen the service and to beat the 17-year-old. The Polish team had to fight hard on their own from the start of the third party, but eventually they were promoted to 25:17, breaking the rival's resistance. Before the game was over, the academy had 20 victories in the third game and settled it in the fourth set.

In this way, the Polish team successfully returned to competition in Europe and entered the CEV Cup 1/16 final.

In the next round, our team will play against the team that lost in the Champions League third qualifying round. Greece PAOK Saloniki is more likely to be a competitor.

Hurrikaani Loimaa – Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 1: 3 (17:25, 25:17, 17:25, 20:25)
Judges: Dusan Rychlik (Czech Republic), Gyula Tillmann (Hungary)
The crowd: about 1000

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