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Black protest in social welfare. Employees want higher lending


Social Worker Day (November 21) was over black protest. The protest is nationwide and takes place throughout the whole week. The reason is payable.

Also in the Kuwaiti-Pomeranian region, are not merely trade associations, but also social workers. In & # 39; they ask with the current week they come to work in black. de Bydgoszcz The municipal social web site, where we were, almost everyone in black dress, not just members of the Association.

Of remaining survivors – the majority chose a dark invention. – We protested in this way that our guard does not learn – he explains Danuta Przybyło, chairman of # Union of Social Workers of # 39; the Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

Asked the association President of Bydgoszcz for increased funding MOPS. It's just about 300,000. to provide employees with a prize of 1000 PLN grants on a full basis. The exact money gives you PLN 500 ground, or over PLN 350 "on hand".

A letter about this case was sent on November 5, but the time there was no answer. Yesterday, social workers went to the Vice President Iwona Waszkiewicz, which is the subject of social assistance. There are, however, no concrete arrangements.

– Our budget is systematically underestimated – Danuta Przybyło explains. – In the city budget for the coming year, the payment for our 93.5%, and for all other employees – more than 100%. It would be sufficient for the city to carry our budget for the coming year and there would be no problem – says the head of the # ordinary club.

Marta Stachowiak, a spokesperson for the town informs that this year the MOPS budget has lent with more than 673 thousand. zł. From January 1, this resulted in an abolition of PLN 223 per full time, and from July 1, the discretionary bonus was increased by 100%. That is 150 PLN per full work. On occasion of vacation, 19 employees receive discriminative prize in # 39; the amount of PLN 2000-3000.

Already after this year's increase, or we have found it, the average earnings of a social worker MOPS Bydgoszcz up to 3,567 zł, family leaders – PLN 3,516 and administrative staff – PLN 3,720. Everything is great.

And 300 social workers work in Bydgoszcz MOPS, not to earn social well-being, a team of careers and institutions.

Solidarity black protest

Black workers are always in black garments for the whole week Helpline Help in Grudziadz. It is an expression of solidarity with the professional community. – We are doing hard work, often with whole families, and our wages are "dying" – he says Janina Józefiak of MOPR in Grudziadz. 160 people work here.

de Torun Salaries of social workers have increased since August 300 plans. The trade associations have that under contacts with the board. For the increase, the average gross salary of employees of the Torun MOPR was around 3,500 PLN. Although they usually spend summer in summer, there are also employees in # 39; solidarity with the national protest. – We work in black clothes, distributing information about the protest. It is solidarity with all employees of social services, not just social workers, but also family traders, board administrators, accountants – he says Barbara Siemińska, Vice President of Toruń ZZ Employees of MOPR in Toruń.

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de Inowrocław MOPS Some people tie black lines to clothing, as a sign of solidarity with the Protestants in Poland.

Black protest – they want to make salaries with officials

In October, companies operate in operation social assistance organized a pizza for the Ministry of Family, Pursuit and Social Policy. The participants heard from & # 39; the head of & # 39; the service that local governments verify their policies to relieve social workers.

However, claims require that salaries be paid social workers They were related to the salaries of employees of city / city addresses. Because now, they are out of their way to minus. As specific amounts are determined by the local government, the rules are included in the rules.

Since 2005, the amount of work has not changed for work on the field. It's still 250 zlotys. Only in 2005, the minimum wage was 849 PLN, and today is PLN 2.100.

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