Saturday , May 28 2022

Biedronka accused of "stimulating child to crime". It's the Glade Gang


– Promoting Biedronka – The Glade Gang & # 39; Expect the accepted principles of ethical norms by stimulating children to injuries and to be known by criminal nomenclature. Gear, if we know, is an organized criminal group, by a group word "Godz Chodziez", we have infamous crime, and we show that there is nothing wrong with criminal groups – we read in an exploration that's been to the Advertising Ethics Commission.

The case was investigated by a panel consisting of three people and decided to receive the complaint. But why? The advancing team has taken account of the fact that the adult discussion does not mean that the physical, psychological or moral further development of children or adolescents threatened, in ad # not found in & # 39; Claiming of & # 39; the standard of & # 39; art. 25 of Code of Ethics for Adjustment has been accused by the tailor.

It was also recommended that the Gladness Gang had clarified clarity on social responsibility. Admission also does not give good guidelines.

– The promo campaign presents a group of animals – friends who try to explore and play in their natural environment, so in the forest. In no case can one be that the heroes of action should be identified with members of criminal groups or other organized entities whose purpose is important activities based on crime. At no point in the promotional action, the action does not refer to the feeling of fear and rape that can begin the actions of these criminal groups – said Jeronimo Martins, the bishopric chain of stores manages.

The Straw's Gang is popular among children and parents of masks. Strawberries are animals that live in Polish forests. It will be easy for every child to recognize them. They are six of them: Lucek's Fox, Jerzy's Eel, Zosia's Owl, Boris Beaver, Lynx Lynx and Zuzia Hare. Their adventures are described in a special book "What will happen in the woods, or the fun adventures of 'Glade Gang'.

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