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Barbara Czajkowska was fired from TVP after thirty years. She was terminated via email. What is he doing now?

Barbara Czajkowska made her debut on Television Polska in the late 1980s. The journalist was considered one of the most prepared, and some said she was the perfect successor to Irena Dziedzic. Although she was very professional, she failed to convince any CEO. She was twice kicked out of Television Polska.

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Barbara Czajkowska has twice been released from TVP

Barbara Czajkowska has hosted a dozen programs on TVP. Slightly older viewers will certainly associate themselves with “Point of View”, “Convoy” or “Special Line”. The journalist not only ran out of these formats, but was also responsible for the scenarios they planned until the second. In one of the archival interviews, she admitted that she had never allowed herself to be unpredictable in the air.

Anything can happen in a live program. It’s good to be prepared … as much as possible. From my point of view, nothing unforeseen can happen, because that would mean I’m poorly prepared – she said years ago in an interview with “Gala”.

Barbara CzajkowskaBarbara Czajkowska CAPE

For many years, Barbara Czajkowska was happy with the CEOs who did not interfere with their programs. The idyll ended in 2006, when Bronisław Wildstein became the president of TVP. He took the program “Special Line” from the antenna, thus dismissing the journalist from her job.

Barbara CzajkowskaBarbara Czajkowska Photo by Franciszek Mazur / Agencja Gazeta

It would seem that her career at Woronicza had already been lost, but much changed in 2011, when the next president, Juliusz Braun, offered her a job at TVP Info. The journalist kept the “Access Code” there until 2016. It was then that she was expelled from TVP again. Barbara Czajkowska should receive an email on the last day of her program, informing her that the program is down and losing her job.

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Barbara Czajkowska had a great time when she left Polish television. Since then, she has stepped into the shadows and searched in vain for new information about her. The journalist is not active in the media, she does not want to say what she is doing now. She only answers the journalists’ questions that she is happy about.

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