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Are bank customers concerned? – Bank


Big discounts on Getin Noble Bank and Idea Bank gyries have raised concerns about their situation. What are your customers worried about?

The shares of Getin Noble Bank and Idea Bank each increased by 40% for five days. And 27% is an outbreak of interview Leszek Czarnecki recorded with Marek Chrzanowski on Tuesday. Shareholders Getin Noble and Idea Bank will accuse the head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority of wanting to approve them to exchange favorable bishops. Chrzanowski has already abandoned his function.

The situation is stable.

When concerned about the safety of the savings of two banks customers, some visiting branches or the bank, and even worried about some, at least decided to withdraw their honor. Idea Bank emphasizes that customer deposits are guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG), which is equivalent to PLN 100,000. Euro) (currently under PLN 430,000), which will be confirmed on Thursday by the Financial Stability Committee. – The response of the capital market is emotional and not related to the actual situation of the bank. Discussions in the media are not related to the functionality of Idea Bank at this time. He works normally. In Idea Bank's press room, Beata Nasik says customer service is running smoothly.

Getin Noble's representative argued that the sale of shares in the WSE was a derivative of external and bank-related events not related to its operations and financial conditions. In the past few months, stock issuance and major shareholders this year have poured US $ 390 million into PLN and reminded that current capital indicators are much higher than European standards. By the end of June, Getin Noble had nearly 47 billion PLN deposits And Idea Bank was over 19 billion PLN.

Adam Glapiski, president of the National Bank of Poll, assured the bank that the central bank had no money in the banking and payment system. Everything is under control, stable, and properly regulated by law. NBP is ready to act. We comply with all patents, payments and payouts. Everything is safe and reliable. Thursday KSF discusses the financial situation of Idea Bank and Getin Noble Bank. The system is operating reliably and the KSF is currently monitoring the bank's situation.

How BFG works

Funds accumulated in Idea Bank and Getin Noble are protected by BFG. Legal person, legal person, legal person, legal person, school savings fund and employee relief and loan fund, personal zloty and currency deposit, physical person, local government unit, or organizational unit without legal personality.

However, there is no guarantee that deposits of the Treasury Department, banks of financial institutions, investors, intermediaries, insurance providers, investment funds, pension funds, split savings and credit unions, Bank executives and shareholders of banks.

Up to 100,000 high guaranteed Euro. The amount of the guarantee is determined by the depositor's funds according to the day on which the guarantee condition for the bank or the safe is met (including interest accrued to that date). This amount is calculated as the sum of the amount deposited in one account in a particular bank or cash register and in all accounts in that account (for example, term deposits, checking accounts, savings accounts). For co-accounts, each co-owner has a separate guarantee amount. The scope of coverage includes both zlotys and funds accumulated in foreign currencies. Regardless of the currency of the account, payment of the guaranteed amount is made at zlotys. In the case of structured deposits, the BGF guarantee is funded from the portion of capital deposited. Beginning of payouts must begin seven business days after the start of the process.

Additional information about deposit guarantee on the BFG website

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