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Anna Dymna’s health is not improving. “It hurts so much. I can not stand it”

Anna Dymna (69) suffers from sciatica. The actress admitted that the pain is so great that it can not function normally.

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    Anna Dymna fights sciatica

1. Anna Dymna fights sciatica

Life does not spoil the recently famous actress. Her husband had difficulty getting infected with the coronavirus, and Dymna not only worried about his life but also lost contact with the burdens of her foundation. The actress has been involved in charity for the most vulnerable for many years. Its foundation cares for people with intellectual disabilities.

Fortunately, she was able to count on the support of her beloved son Michał in difficult times. The actress was sure that her life would soon be normal again. She was glad they were vaccinated against COVID-19. Unfortunately, the old ailments and their health were now deteriorating.

“It hurts me. I can not sit still in one position, I turn all the time, otherwise I can not stand it, I’m almost 70 years old, I run all the time, I help, I’m happy and thankful for everything I have. This is not the first time I have struggled with this disease, but I am hopeful, “said Anna Dymna in an interview with” Rewia “.

Sciatica is one of the most commonly diagnosed pain in the lower spine. The characteristic symptom is pain radiating to the lower limb in the course of the sciatic nerve. An attack of sciatica can occur along with an abnormal sensation, tingling, numbness, tingling, as well as the feeling of tingling in the skin.

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