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500 plus. There may be problems with paying off the benefits? [28 listopada 2018]


Family 500 plus program It is not resident PLN 500 per month for each second and later children, without the income criterion. Connection Housing will also get support for the first or only child. That is up to PLN 6,000 not annual child support.

500 plus. Problems with paying off the benefits?

Why would it be required to pay 500 plus? According to, this is about a protest protest that will be executed by social works. This is another professional group that sounds about low income, with new business.

PLN 1000 per child instead of PLN 500? PiS announces changes in the 500 plus program

Social workers demand, among others, the salary of employees of communication facilities.

Will the protest action affect the temporary payment of 500 plus benefits?

According to, according to Rafalska, these matters are not related to the 500 plus, for the service of the program the resort deserves high commissions and this should be sufficient for the appropriate compensation of employees.

Municipal employees in Torun have the 500 plus plus 300 plus support programs sufficient. They bell on working conditions and pay. The unit is under control of PIP.

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500 plus. How can get a benefit

To get money, the parent should give the villages the benefit of paying off. Requesting educational benefits for the coming period, from October 1, 201 to September 30, 2019 can be transmitted online from July 1st through the family of, through electronic banks or through the portal PUE ZUS, and from August 1 by traditional (paper), personally in & # 39; the office or by post.

The 500 plus family program is PLN 500 monthly for the second and the next child, independent of revenue. Families with less incomes also receive support for the first or only child with the criterion of an average monumental revenue of PLN 800 not or PLN 1200 for retrieving a limited child in a family. It is even 6,500 PLN not annual support for a child.

1000 plus – possible evaluation of the 500+ program.

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