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Why your foot collars can be good for you

In addition, Andersen has indicated that barefoot people of the past were not round asphalt and other modern surfaces.

The finds that were published June 26 in the magazine Nature, are based on just 100 adults from Kenya and the United States. Both groups contained people who said that they were often "not", and people who were barely shuffled every day.

When expected, the bare feet have thicker, hard kelly. Despite seeing no error in feeling the souls of their feet. Note: Dull-healthy shoe compromise clever sensibility as you walk, say the researchers.

It is not clear what the immigration of that can be. But, Lieberman's team points out, if your science of a walking path doubles, it can affect and balance. So the question calls whether dry shoes can make a contribution in people who are not at risk.

Lieberman thought, however, that it was just a question. He said controlled studies would be needed to find the answer – for example, a trial that deserves comparable shoes to "minimal shoes" in older adults.

Minimal shoes refer to shoes with thinner, harder soles – such as moccasins or sandals. According to Lieberman, they are very close to the thick cellars, compared to sultry basins.

In other tests, researchers found that double shoes increase the impact of & # 39; a ground with every footstep, in comparison to walking barefoot or in dancing shoes. Some calluses had no effect.

Sending shoes sent more power in & quot; cut with each step.

"The load is based on & # 39; knees delivered," Lieberman said.

Previously, the consequences of that, if any, are unknown. But one question, said Lieberman, is that modern shoes can be a contribution to knee arthritis.

According to Andersen it is an interesting question – but it would try to research from & # 39; point to & # 39; A shorter period over decades can affect arthritis risk.

"People generally kick off all kinds of different shoes," she said. "There are also many other factors that affect arthritis risk".

Plus, theory Andersen, many people just find minimalist shoes uncomfortable. "Even if they carry it for 30 years to expire your risk of heartburn, that is 30 years uncomfortable," it looked.

Although Andersen said that if they have no problems and you are healthy, they can probably only leave.

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